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From bear to bull: How I recouped my losses by investing in SHIB and BONE

Tanja Nechet

News editor

May 3, 2023 at 11:38

We had the pleasure of conversing with the person behind the ShibaPunkArmy NFTs. He’s passionate about what he loves most: making NFT art, and he’s planning to get his new project ready for the launch of Shibarium with a team of several developers and two very good friends.

In an interview with buidlbee crypto community, ShibaPunkArmy NFTs explained why he believes in SHIB and Shibarium, about his vision of the ecosystem’s future.

My intro to Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Shibarium

I became aware of this coin in the middle of last year. Before that, I had very little invested in general in crypto due to the bear market, and I initially lost more in other cryptocurrencies than I gained. However, since investing in SHIB and BONE, I have been able to recoup some of my losses. What I find very admirable about SHIB in general is the cohesiveness of the community and the positive energy I personally feel as soon as I talk to people in the community.

The Shibarium, because of the technology, security, and the dev team behind it that is working on it, will make a great contribution in terms of decentralization. Of course, things like low transaction fees and a generally stable operational chain with important integrated developments such as Oracles play an important role for us as project developers.

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Let’s grow together!

Shibarium is built on ETH technology and has been greatly improved. On the other hand, transaction fees are heavily reduced here, and with each transaction, SHIB is burned, which in the long run brings a significant advantage in terms of the token’s value development.

When comparing, for example, Solana with Shibarium directly, both chains are based on different technological approaches. Solana has an infinite supply of SOL coins, while Shibarium does not. BONE is limited, which will benefit the price of SHIB, LEASH, and BONE.

Four pillars of a large ecosystem: PunkSwap, Shibarium Name Service, ShibaPunkArmy NFTs, and TipBot

We are working on several things, and they all will be intertwined within a large ecosystem.

Currently in development are:

  1. PunkSwap – the centerpiece of our project, along with the $PUNK token. PunkSwap is a DEX to which we added our own original development which we call “NFT Yield Farming.” This feature will for the first time in the entire history of crypto enable NFT owners to couple their NFTs with ERC20 tokens to earn rewards without having to convert the NFTs into a ERC20 tokens. We will not only unlock our own NFTs for the NFT Yield Farming. We would like to offer all NFT collections a chance to have their NFTs farm our $PUNK token on our platform. The platform is also protected against rugs and therefore will only support projects that are reviewed by us personally. With this unique technology, we also form the basis to be able to upgrade NFTs within the protocol, which will provide another use case for the $PUNK token itself. 
  2. The Shibarium Name Service. People don’t have to pay an annual fee for their SNS name. The basic function in terms of SNS name registration is the same as that of ENS system. However, the difference is already visible in the front end of the website and offers unique features that ENS does not. People can also use the $PUNK token here, in addition to BONE and SHIB. The ENS system from us also offers its own marketplace, which only allows buying and selling SNS names. Therefore, there will be a special surprise.
  3. The ShibaPunkArmy. These NFTs also have a use case. For example, they will be the first NFTs within our ecosystem to generate $PUNK tokens in NFT yield farming and will offer a higher output of $PUNK tokens. Additionally, the ShibaPunks can also be upgraded to achieve higher profits in the protocol. The ShibaPunks will also be special NFTs that can create NFTs to give other NFTs (which are allowed within the Farming protocol) an advantage. This will happen in the second phase of development.
  4. A TipBot for Shibarium makes it possible to send crypto directly via Telegram. It supports a variety of cryptocurrencies and can do much more than just reward users in chat: Besides tipping, it handles features like airdrops, rains and offers some security features. The best thing about this bot is: it is insanely cheap to send cryptos with it, as the gas fees equal 0.

What lies ahead for NFT technology

There are significantly fewer NFTs with the use case to act as a pure profile picture, as the time of such NFTs seems to be 90% over. The NFT industry will either move heavily into the game space and/or give NFTs, in general, multiple use cases. NFTs will also not be offered as expensive as they were 2 years ago. It will normalize in price and the developments in the NFT area will advance significantly. The NFT technology itself is quite young and not yet well explored in terms of what you can do with them.

The SHIB 2023 forecast

Prices in the crypto market can be highly volatile and unpredictable, and everybody should DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investing. Our team is optimistic about the price of SHIB in 2023. There are two main reasons for that: 

  1. we may see the beginning of a crypto bull market in 2023 and we expect SHIB to be likely one of the major winners. SHIB also has an increasing number of global partners who accept the token as a means of payment locally. 
  2. With the launch of Shibarium, SHIB naturally receives much more prestige. Also, as each transaction on Shibarium will burn SHIB, that should lower the supply and therefore, increase the price.

Crypto Punks NFT collection: the only ones on the Shibarium

We only took inspiration from the original Crypto Punks and created our collection from scratch. Our traits are completely different, and we differentiate ourselves from copies. Our NFT collection is an homage to the originals. This collection, therefore, does not exist a second time.

A direct comparison between those collections:

On the left side you can see an original CryptoPunk. On the right side, you can see our Punk. 

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