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Posting Guideline

Last update: 13 June, 2022

Buidlbee Posting Guidelines (“Rules”) are in compliance with applicable law and prohibit publishing posts or messages that directly or indirectly may induce a person to take any action or position (e.g. buy, sell or hold) regarding cryptocurrencies.

What does this restriction mean?

Your posts may not contain any communication that involves providing recommendations or opinions which are likely to induce a person to buy, sell or hold particular cryptocurrencies, since it is likely to be considered as advising others concerning securities and subject to licensing.

How to determine if your posts or messages violate the Rules?

Your posts or messages are more likely considered as a violation of the Rules in case any of the following is in place:

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  • posts or messages contain any pay-for-advice arrangements or allusions to them; or
  • posts or messages contain any offering a fee-based subscription to a channel or group, including on social media, which offers investment advice; or
  • posts or messages contain any expectation of benefits or gratification, direct or indirectly, from the provision of investment advice.

But that is not all… More.

However, the factors mentioned above are not intended to be exhaustive. 

Posting on Buidlbee you should understand, acknowledge and accept all risks that your discussion on specific cryptocurrencies may be considered as investment advice.

To prevent this from happening you shall not recklessly make any statement, promise or forecast that is misleading, false or deceptive to induce or attempt to induce another person to deal in cryptocurrencies.

So what can be done?

Your posts or messages may include more general information about financial products. You also may describe types of investments or general principles for you to consider when investing. 

Your texts, posts and messages will comply with applicable law and the Rules, if they do not recommend a specific course of action to somebody or give a personal recommendation about how to invest. 

You may only assist your readers to understand the different investment options before they decide for themself how to invest. For example, you can help people to narrow down their options before seeking advice.

Each of your posts must contain a prominent disclaimer that clearly states that the materials provided are not intended to be financial advice.

No ads for financial advice!

You shall not advertise yourself as an investment adviser or financial planner, use letterhead indicating activity as an investment adviser, or maintain a contact listing or otherwise let it be known that you will accept new advisory clients, or have a person to solicit clients.

How to comply with the Rules for sure?

Your publications should: 

  • provide only impersonal advice (i.e., advice not tailored to the individual needs of a specific person);
  • be “bona fide” (containing disinterested commentary and analysis rather than promotional material disseminated by someone touting particular products); and 
  • be of general and regular circulation (rather than issued from time to time in response to episodic market activity).

Let’s look at examples!

Forbidden Allowed
In this article, I will recommend what you should do, for example, buy or sell any cryptocurrency now, and how to do it in the most profitable way. In this article I will not tell you what to do or which products to buy. The information provided will help you to identify your options.
The recommendation will be about a specific investment, for example, now it is better to buy XYZ or to sell ZYX. It is suitable for you, your personal financial situation and investment goals. This is just guidance that includes information about different types of investments or set out general principles for you to consider before you decide what to invest your money in.
This recommendation is given by the author as a financial advisor. The author of this article is not a financial consultant and provides general information to broaden your horizons on the topic.
You will normally pay a fee for advice, but in this article, you will find it for free. There can be no mention of payment or non-payment, because the information contained in the article is not financial advice and cannot be subject to payment.
Author is responsible and warrants for the accuracy, quality and suitability of the recommendations he makes. Author is only responsible for the accuracy and quality of the information provided.

Think Before You Post

Publish only those posts or messages in which you are sure that they comply with the Rules and cannot be considered as investment advice.

If you are not sure whether your post or message contains information that could be considered as offering advice, please contact us for help before posting.

Our email is [email protected].

Correct Mistakes

If you made a mistake, admit it. Be upfront and be quick with your corrections.

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