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About us

buidlbee is an independent digital media outlet covering all topics regarding making money in Web3: from crypto to NFT games, metaverse and DeFi.

We are hardworking bees of the crypto world, gathering information nectar, turning it into financial honey, and preparing the juiciest and most useful stories for you. 

We are your best friends in the world of crypto, your guiding light in the darkest depths of Web3, the missing link to your blockchain 🙂

But besides that, we are a team of professional journalists from all corners of the world with many years of experience in building successful projects covering the fields of tech and business.

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Let’s grow together!

What we think of as our greatest passions is telling stories of people and businesses that drive industries (and the whole world!) forward.

We believe that Web3 is the future of how we experience the world. And we want to make our contribution in its global takeover by telling of all the possibilities that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are already bringing to everyone.

With this passion we founded buidlbee in 2022.

Why do we have “buidl” in our name? Is it even a word?

Yes, it is now.

You’ve probably already heard of HODL… Oh, you haven’t? HODL is a popular word in the crypto world. It originated as far back as 2013 when someone misspelled ‘HOLD’ while trying to announce their firm commitment to the strategy of holding onto their crypto assets for dear life.

BUIDL is something more adventurous, though. Bold, even. It means a whole different approach when you actively build and contribute to the Web3 universe instead of trying to sit on what others have already created. So, let’s buidl!

And why buidlBEE? Well, we thought it just sounds nice, doesn’t it? Plus we are as hardworking as bees and like all the stories that buzz.

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