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Tanja Nechet

News editor

Hello, reader! My name is Tanja Nechet, and I am the news editor of the buidlbee website. I've been a journalist for 13 years now. In recent years, I've been lucky to write about IT, science, technology, and space (I'm still thrilled to read about it and become more knowledgeable about it too). However, my latest passion is cryptocurrencies. The beginning of my path was thorny, and many things seemed too difficult. But, having gone through it, I can now make it easier for you, dear readers. After all, my job is to understand blockchain technology, make this information available to you, and find new interesting projects. And I do it with great pleasure. I'm very excited about the opportunity to dive in and explore this wonderful world of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Web3 with you. Let's BUIDL!
Digital gold rush
Insights and analysisEditorial office
Jun 12, 2024
Digital gold rush

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