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Tanja Nechet

News editor

Apr 19, 2024 at 02:01

👟 STEPN x Adidas

Recently, STEPN has announced a long-term collaboration with Adidas and ALTS by Adidas. This event will contain multiple activations, meant to provide a full experience to the community: 1,000 co-branded Genesis Sneaker NFTs on Solana, exclusive perks for holders, and more. Raffle starts in April, 18.

🪂 Binance launched Megadrop platform for airdrops and Web3-quests 

Binance Exchange has announced the launch of Megadop, a platform for airdrops and Web3-quests. It will allow the company’s customers to get tokens at the early stages of project launch and various rewards for activity.

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🦊 Metamask added to Portfolio the ability to check your wallet for airdrops

To check your wallet, go to the Portfolio site ( to the Explore tab and there connect the wallet in the Eligible Airdrops section and look at the information that appears.

🔝 Top 10 projects on the TON blockchain by TVL (total value locked)

🤝 Faraway has acquired the Legends Of The Mara and HV-MTL

Faraway, the game developers who are helping Yuga Labd build Doo-Key Dash Unclogged, are acquiring the Legends Of The Mara and HV-MTL brands. As a first order of business, team is rolling out a new points system for HV-MTL and LoTM NFTs.

🔑 Key crypto market highlights (April 18-24)

💵 Ideas

[1] 🔔 Participating in the new BOB Fusion campaign on Galxe

BOB is a hybrid L2 project for Bitcoin that is compatible with EVM networks.

The project has raised $10M from Coinbase Ventures, Mechanism Capital, Hypersphere Ventures, Alliance DAO, IOSG and other funds.

BOB has started a campaign on Galxe where users can earn XP for social tasks and XP is converted into their Spice points 1k1. 

There are 4 quests available. Only users who have already thrown liquidity on their platform and are farming points can participate. So newbies should first put liquidity into the project.

The second season, presumably, will be when the project will be launched on the mainnet – this is about April 23, then you can also get your liquidity, but if the project suddenly postpones the release date, you can return your funds no later than May 15.

What to do?

  • Register on the site;
  • Enter the code (look for some on the Discord);
  • Lock liquidity by clicking Deposit & Lock.

[2] 🔔 BTC’s crash is over or not yet?

According to Xanrox`s technical analysis, Bitcoin is ready for a 15% crash. Halving is expected in two days and with it huge volatility. The problem is that below the current price we have a double bottom pattern, and there is a lot of liquidity there that the whales need for their huge buy orders. It is very likely that the market will go down.

Bitcoin is already down 6% – from $66,016 to $63,230. And then by 10% and is worth $62,471 as of this writing. Is this a countdown to the next crash?

There’s good support at $58,000, a break below which will lead to the next support at $50,000.

*Any technical analysis, in the long run, cannot accurately predict the movement because now is a very tough market and the news can swing currencies in all directions.

[3] 🔔 Taiko launches a Genesis NFT collection

The project team has announced their NFT collection called Taikoons. Deadline: April 29.

There will be a total of 888 NFTs, of which:

150 pieces for Moody Brain Loopring NFT-collection holdovers;

  • 20 for Nouns DAO members;
  • 50 for CryptoPunks holders;
  • 75 for Azuki holders;
  • 75 for Pudgy Penguin holdings;
  • 50 for MVHQ token holders.

Also, 257 NFTs are being raffled off among those who complete social tasks and minted the Taikoon Whitelist NFT on the Base network.

What to do?

  • Connect the wallet on the site;
  • Link social networks;
  • Perform simple tasks and mint NFT in Base network, worth ~$3;
  • Register.

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