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Top 5 crypto airdrops with guides

Tanja Nechet

News editor

Jan 10, 2024 at 08:43

Hey-hey, dear reader! Here we’ve gathered the most promising campaigns that you can be generously thanked for being active in. BTW. For those who are just starting their journey in crypto, here is a quick reminder 👇

Airdrop attracts new users to a crypto project by distributing tokens to active and loyal community members. 

The goal of drophunters is to search for potentially promising crypto projects and get as many tokens as possible.

If they are lucky enough to find a good project, after listing tokens on an exchange, drophunters may receive huge Xs.

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Those who are inexperienced in drophunting should keep safety in mind, as scammers are also not slumbering. Carefully watch what you sign, to which address you transfer cryptocurrency, and so on.

Rebase Airdrop Season 1: IRL Cup

Rebase is an augmented reality app that allows you to collect and receive exclusive digital rewards in real life (similar to Pokemon Go).

The project team launched the 1st season of the IRL Cup campaign on December 24, 2023. The activity involves accumulating XP for various actions in the app. Rewards will include NFTs, tokens, and physical products. 


  • Total airdrop: 5,000,000 $IRL tokens (1% of total supply).
  • Duration: 3 months, with monthly leaderboard & activation events. 
  • Leaderboard updates: every 12 hours.
  • Activity: at least 1 point per month.

How to participate

  • Go to the Rebase website and download the app (iOS, Android).
  • Earn points by inviting friends, accumulating playtime, covering distance, and collecting in-game items.

OP Red Wars

Clique is an identity oracle that connects data from web2 and web3. It analyzes user behavior on social networks, allowing projects to detect accounts with negative reputations and filter Sybil accounts. The project has obtained a 100,000 OP grant from Optimism. The funds will be used to reward loyal users who will be active online by completing missions on the Clique site as part of the Red Wars campaign.


  • Benefit pool: 100,000 OP (Optimism). Some of the participating protocols will also be adding additional prizes for users who interact specifically with their protocol. Rewards will be given out at the end of each event.
  • Duration: 4 events, each lasting 3 weeks (#1 Bridge War, #2 DEX War, #3 Сredit Wars, #4 Trade Wars. OP Red Wars will be live until February 21. 

How to participate

  • Go to the site, join your wallet, and complete social tasks.
  • To perform missions related to asset bridge, go below and select one of the sites where we will perform bridge.
  • On the site, connect the wallet, select networks and tokens, enter the amount, and complete the transaction.
  • The second stage of Red Wars – DEXes. Go to the site and claim the attestations.
  • Choose a protocol for interaction to accumulate points. A $1 exchange will give 0.02 uXP, and  $5 – 0.4 uXPy.
  • Don’t forget about other protocols.
  • List of available tokens: USDT, USDC, DAI, FRAX, LUSD, WBTC, LINK, UNI, LDO, OP, AAVE, rETH, SNX, frxETH, CRV, cbETH, sfrxETH, WLD, ANKR, YFI, WETH, ETH.

Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) Testnet Phase 1

The Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) is utilizing zero-knowledge proofs to allow flexible transparency on top of Ethereum L1. The project has unveiled its testnet, a preliminary platform designed to familiarize users with DOP’s unique functionality before its full-scale launch.


  • Benefit pool: $DOT tokens
  • Activity: complete 8 steps in total to be eligible
  • Duration: Q1

How to participate

  • Go to the site.
  • Create your own DOP wallet.
  • Connect the Metamask.
  • Complete tasks (video tutorial).
  • Invite friends and get an extra 20%.

Notcoin – Probably Nothing

Notcoin is a simple game project in the TON ecosystem that uses the Telegram messenger as a technical platform and allows users to “mine” virtual coins, which can potentially be converted into TON tokens. 

Notcoin runs as a TWA (Telegram Web App) and is accessible via a Telegram bot.  Despite the motto “Probably nothing”, Notcoin already has over 6M players.

The token is rumored to be coming in the coming months. Most likely, the Notcoin coins received in the Telegram app will be converted into tokens after the official launch and listing.


  • Benefit pool: potential drop in the future
  • Activity: play the game
  • Duration: unknown

How to participate

  • Launch Notcoin’s Telegram bot.
  • Tap on “Let’s go” in the main menu.
  • Tap on any part of the screen (1 tap is +1 coin and -1 energy).
  • In addition to the standard game mechanics, several boosters are available to players to increase the efficiency of Notcoin “mining”.
  • Additional bonuses are also given for each invited user and their subsequent game progress.

Merchant Moe And Its Tokens

Merchant Moe is a DEX protocol from the creators of Trader Joe’s running on the Mantle blockchain. The project plans to launch its own MOE token. To get it at an early stage, it is worth staking the JOE token for getting an airdrop.


  • Benefit pool: 2.5% of the total MOE supply will be distributed to JOE holders at the time of the token generation event (TGE). An additional 5% of the MOE total supply will be distributed over one year to users who continue to stake their tokens into mJOE.
  • Activity: exclusive benefits for JOE token holders
  • Duration: unknown

How to participate

  • Go to the bridge and transfer the JOE tokens from the Avalanche network to the Mantle network.
  • Then, go to the website. Acknowledge the terms and conditions, enter the desired amount, and confirm staking.
  • On the same page, you will be able to track the earned MOE tokens.

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