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Top 3 crypto ideas to pay attention to

Tanja Nechet

News editor

Jan 4, 2024 at 04:57

[1] 🔔 Diving into Magic Square 

Magic Square is a marketplace for various applications in Web3 where users can vote for a new dApp to appear on the platform

The project has raised $4M from Binance Labs, KuCoin Labs, HTX Ventures, and private rounds.

The SQR token is scheduled for Q1 2024. And there are chances to get it.

There is a campaign going on right now ( on Coinlist Road to TGE with 2.5 million SQRs allocated.

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Go for the SQR:

Check ratings, points, and tokens here

The deadline is January 5.

[2] 🔔 How Arbitrum and the cup are related?

A lot of ARB tokens were given away for free, there are many large and small holders.

Sooner or later, the pumping will start. However, P_S_trade analysts do not recommend replenishing your crypto portfolio with ARB in the current situation.

Another thing is the range of $1-1.30, there was a certain “struggle” between buyers and sellers, and there was a certain redistribution of capital.

Analysts believe that now ARB may be in the process of forming a pattern of cup with handle. It is a technical indicator, where the cup is shaped like a “u” and the handle has a slight downward drift.

*Any technical analysis in the long run cannot accurately predict the movement because now is a very tough market and the news can swing currencies in all directions

[3] 🔔 Airdrop by KiloEx?

Last year, Binance Labs invested in four projects from Season 6 of the MVB program.

One of the finalists is KiloEx, a futures DEX on BNB Chain, opBNB and Manta. On January 2, according to DefilLama, KiloEx was the second-highest volume after dYdX among PERP DEXs.

How to obtain a potential drop:

  • Go to KiloEx;
  • Trade on KiloEx in opBNB and Manta networks;

Sometimes KiloEx holds various award campaigns, so subscribe to the project’s Twitter and follow the announcements.

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