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The Geojam — future TikTok of the Web3? Platform’s token (JAM) gained more than 123% in just a day and continues to rise

Tanja Nechet

News editor

Jan 16, 2023 at 08:05

The popular crypto exchange Kucoin has a new gainer. A token called Geojam (ticker JAM) outperformed everyone, suddenly rising 123% on January 16. Only a few days ago it was estimated about $0,001. Now it is $0,004. The exchange first listed it in March 2022 with a market capitalization of $2,750,000 (now it is $2,519,454, according to CoinmarketCap).

On December 14, 2022, the Geojam token became available on Binance.US. It has a market capitalization of only $1 million. In comparison, the meme coin Bonk Inu (BONK), which recently exploded the charts, has a capitalization of $54,166,951.

What is Geojam and how JAM works? 

The Geojam app launched in October 2020, and JAM appeared in 2021. The pre-sale token raised $5.9 million in two rounds of private sales. Geojam has been named to Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2022, landing a spot in the highly-competitive music category.

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Geojam is the first social media platform that uses blockchain technology and the concept of DeFi (Decentralized Finance). It allows creators and their fans to create and earn together. The mobile app is already available for both iOS and Android devices.

JAM is the utility token of the Geojam. The coin (with a total supply of 8,000,000,000 and the current circulating supply is 702,742,572) can be used to stake in pools, called Creator Access Pools (CAPs), that are created by content creators. These pools allow creators to offer rewards, experiences, and access to merchandise and NFTs to fans who stake JAM in their pools. 

Content creators can create their own pools with their own rules and offer unique rewards to fans. Creators can purchase JAM to create additional reward layers, further incentivizing fans to stake JAM in their pools.

On the other hand, JAM gives fans access to exclusive rewards and experiences from their favorite content creators. 

Fans can stake JAM in a creator’s pool and earn an APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on their staked tokens. Additionally, depending on the amount staked, fans can earn unique access badges for platform governance, and access to exclusive merchandise and NFTs.  The platform also allows fans to participate in governance and propose changes to the pools and the platform. 

Further, users can use earned JAM to purchase unique merch and products from the Jam Shop

Users can earn JAM by using the application like engaging in communities, polls, proposals, and competitions.

The Geojam website lists stars who support the project. Among them are Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, Tyga, and several other celebrities.

According to PricePrediction.Net, the price of JAM could reach $0.006-$0.007 this year and rise to $0.00-$0.010 next year.

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