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Gold, NFTs, and Two Smoking Barrels: the new blockchain-based wild adventure takes GameFi to a new level

Tanja Nechet

News editor

Apr 24, 2023 at 05:55

What are people willing to do for gold and glory? The stark romance of the Gold Rush has been portrayed in hundreds of movies and books. But it has never been built on blockchain yet. Gold Fever is a game that incorporates the best of traditional computer games and Web3.

What is Gold Fever?

You are fascinated by Hunt: Showdown and Red Dead Redemption, but you are a crypto enthusiast and want to spend your time on games only for profit?

This is not just another Play-To-Earn (P2E) game with in-game NFTs and player versus player (PvP) battles. Gold Fever is a blockchain-based multiplayer survival strategy with immersive graphics that aim to create a compelling game experience for players, with the use of NFTs as part of the game’s infrastructure.

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Set in a fictional jungle inspired by the real Gold Rush events of the past century, the game requires players to explore the wilderness, mine for gold, and fight for survival against hostile wildlife, indigenous tribes, and other players. 

The in-game economy is driven by the use of the native NGL token, which players can earn and trade for other resources, including commercial NFTs such as mining claims, butcher shops, airfields, guns, and even companions that improve their chances in battle. These NFTs can be traded, rented, and borrowed on the in-game marketplace, creating a vibrant blockchain economy that empowers players with full ownership of their assets. 

The game yield generator model allows players to earn money while contributing to the game’s economy, making it a truly decentralized gaming experience. The use of commercial NFTs as part of the game’s infrastructure creates a frictionless and player-controlled gaming experience that sets it apart from other blockchain-based games.

Gold Fever’s unique features

  • Graphics! Compared with previously released Web3 games, this project features modern visuals (which is exactly what true gamers have always been missing).
  • Everything from vehicles, tools, skins, and weapons to buildings can be NFT.
  • The primary source of revenue is in-game gold, which you can mine using special equipment, but you can also take it away from other players with force.

  • Instead of running around the map and shooting everything that moves, you can become a digital entrepreneur who controls and predicts how much yield you generate with your NFTs. Monthly Active Characters is a scarcity KPI. When you know how many characters actually play the game each month, you can not only maintain a scarcity but also predict, control, and use that information.
  • Gold Fever has a type of NFT called Genesys masks that give players special powers in the game. These masks will be available through a Dutch auction on the Gold Fever site and on the NFT marketplace OpenSea once the contracts are audited. The masks act like keys to the game and provide benefits like increased fighting skills and faster gold extraction.
  • Game of Diggers is a premium pre-launch of the game where players can earn NGL and NFTs worth $1 million.
  • Players can form factions to face each other in the Arena
  • Commercial NFT concept: in-game businesses. They generate default items and services vital for players. The revenue from these transactions belongs to the revenue owner. So trading in-game items is a revenue option in Gold Fever. Players may set up shop within the game and become a core part of the blockchain economy.
  • The NGL token is an in-game gold analog and the key resource. Users can either sell it or exchange it for other types of resources (NFTs).
  • Users can buy high-utility items like boats and planes (needed to shuttle players quickly from one part of the jungle to another) and mining tools and rent them to others. 
  • Gamers are also able to buy NFT lands and construct buildings on it to earn a passive income even if they don’t play the game.

Let’s saddle up!

Gold Fever really makes you want to play. This game reflects the economy of the real world thanks to the Game-Yield-Generator (GYG) system, which allows users to earn both brute force and entrepreneurship, and rewards exploration and courage. The action unfolds in an interesting setting, backed by high-quality graphics and a huge number of opportunities for fun, both with friends and alone.

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