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Donald Trump launches his NFT collection — all cards are sold out in less than 12 hours for $99 apiece

Andrew Zhoao

News editor

Dec 16, 2022 at 05:31

Former U.S. President Donald Trump released an NFT collection. The politician, businessman, and now a member of the crypto crowd reported about it on the network Truth social. The tokens are images of Donald Trump’s life and career and sell for a fixed price of $99. The internet greeted the tokenized cards from the former head of state with irony. In fact, some of the images really do bring a smile to your face. 

What is the collection about? 

The collection is called the Donald Trump Digital Trading Card. And, thanks to the announcement, the following is known: 

  • NFTs are created on the Polygon blockchain;
  • 45K cards will be released initially;
  • some will be unique, while others will be limited to two, five, seven, or ten copies, but not more than 20;
  • NFTs will be purchasable by credit card or wrapped ethers (WETH).

Moreover, once purchased, each NFT holder becomes a participant in a raffle in which they can win one of the thousands of prizes, as well as talk to Trump at Zoom or play an hour of golf. Sounds great, and the collection will probably be in demand, but it begs the question: why would Trump be doing this? 

It’s unlikely that the businessman has money problems, so the feeling is that this is just a move before the new presidential election. Obviously, Web3 is still a young industry, and it will develop, attracting the attention of more and more users, i.e., potential voters. Trump’s interest in modern technology may resonate with people from the crowd, especially if he expresses his intentions to develop this sector in his campaign. 

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However, as they say, the internet remembers everything, and Trump’s words that “Bitcoin seems like a scam” are unlikely to be forgotten. At least until he proves somehow that he has changed his point of view. So far, his actions don’t seem very sincere. Anyway, look for yourself. 

What they say on the internet 

The internet could not help but react to such news, and, for the most part, there is a mixed reaction among users. And some did not immediately believe that it was true.

You may not believe it, but it is true, and all we have to do is accept it. However, what’s next for us: Trump Steaks? Trump Airlines? Trump: The Game? Trump University? Or something else.


And here is the lucky (or not so lucky) winner of the conversation with the former president at Zoom. This picture may be a fake, but someone will definitely win this prize. Confess, did you want it too? Haha.

Not without the creativity of one of the most popular digital artists known under the pseudonym Beeple. He did the drawing in his usual style, referring to the collection of the former president. It looks impressive. And funny. Would you buy this one?

Former computer intelligence consultant Edward Snowden couldn’t resist commenting and seemed genuinely confused about what was going on. Apparently, Trump’s collection shocked him.

And what follows would seem to be a logical question, but apparently Twitter user A. Wendel is Editing doesn’t quite understand the principle of NFT. If he read buidlbee, he would know. Here is one of our recent articles about non-interchangeable tokens.

Online users have already come up with what an NFT collection from Joe Biden would look like.

And lastly. If Trump has an NFT where he is Superman, why not have Hillary Clinton as Wonder Woman? How about that, guys? 


Also, earlier, we had an NFT collection with Queen Elizabeth II if you’re more into UK politics.

How can I make money on this?

The announcement says that the cards are not intended for investment purposes but only for collecting, but they can be resold on any marketplace working with Polygon. However, it is also worth noting that after resale, 10% of the amount goes to license fees. 

As a reminder, each NFT sells for a fixed price of $99, and their value probably won’t be great just yet. However, things could change over time, and such an asset could rise in value, especially if Trump becomes president again. 

However, according to OpenSea, all NFTs were already sold out within the first 12 hours of release, so they can now be found for secondary purchase. For example, an unknown person has already re-bought one of the cards for 1 ETH. 

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What kind of collection with which president or famous figure would you like to see? Tell us in the comments.

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