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Daily crypto opportunities: XRP — to pump, BTC – to dump? (And NFT drop from Argent X)

Tanja Nechet

News editor

May 26, 2023 at 06:59

Hiya, fellow degens, and just crypto enthusiasts! Here we are again with perks for a productive end of the work week. So, let’s go! 👇👇👇

Opportunity #1: Is XRP preparing for a bullish rally?

To begin our analysis, here is a breaking news story: In a recent report, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta calls #XRP an “international payment instrument”. That’s a pretty strong statement for a regulator, but what is behind it?

If you look at the earlier news, the situation seems to be clearer:

  • Earlier, Ripple launched a universal central bank digital currency platform (CBDC) that allows central banks, governments, and financial institutions to issue their own digital currency (based on Ripple’s solution).
  • At the same time, Ripple’s CEO said that the company is about to use a $1 billion cash reserve for its expansion soon.

Putting it all together, it looks like Ripple is expecting a positive decision on its litigation with the SEC in June, right after which it will launch a mega CBDC expansion. And judging by the mention of Ripple by the Atlanta branch of the Fed, there have already been some decisions on the matter.

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If you like our version of what is going on, all you have to do is remember to buy #XRP before the summer Ripple bull run.

Opportunity #2: Bullish BTC sentiment

According to Arman Shaban Trading’s technical analysis from May 12, bitcoin began to form a downward context after breaking through the $26,900 and $26,540 areas. If $BTC stabilizes below $26,500, it may start moving even lower: from $23,950 to $25,300, and the next target is $20,000. However, the $20K area could be a possible reversal zone.

In this scenario, the best range to add to the bags is from $23,950 to $25,330.

BTC is now near the first bearish target of $25K.

Opportunity #3: Week 4 of Argent Xplorer (NFT drop)

Argent X is an open-source wallet on the StarkNet network with over 300,000 users.

The fourth week of the Argent Xplorer quest has started. Deadline: May 31. Transactions from April 1 are eligible for a snapshot. NFT for the third week is already available at this link.

How to get the 4th NFT:

  • Trade or mint any NFT on the Mintsquare on the Starknet mainnet using your Argent X wallet. A listing does not count.
  • How to obtain an NFT on Mintsquare. Browse here for an NFT you like and hit the “Add to Cart” button. Complete the deal in Argent X.
  • How to mint an NFT on Mintsquare. Go here and upload your media. Give it a name. Hit the “Mint” button. Complete the mint in Argent X (don’t forget about gas).
  • How to vend an NFT on Mintsquare: list your NFT and wait for a buyer. Complete the deal before May 30th, 23:59 UTC, to be eligible.

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