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Daily crypto opportunities: Arkham scandal, Cardano’s bad fate, and new Walken

Tanja Nechet

News editor

Jul 11, 2023 at 06:48

The crypto world is always about opportunities. So here are some possibilities to capitalize on for you today.

Opportunity 🔔 1: Investing in Blockchain Deanon

Yesterday, Arkham announced the imminent sale of their token on Binance Launchpad and the launch of an airdrop. What is Arkham? The scandalous project offers to trade identifying data to blockchain wallets; in fact, you can sell personal information about someone whose wallet you know (the Doxx-to-earn model).

The project writes about itself:

We built the Intel Exchange after noticing 2 trends:

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Opportunity 🔔 2: Hang in there, ADA!

Technical analysis of the worst-case scenario for Cardano (ADA): parallel channel. If the token starts following this path, it will fall another 30-40% in the future, according to FieryTrading analysts.

The parallel channel is built by taking the upper resistance (with three touches) and attaching it directly to the COVID-19 selling lows. Thus, a clear structure of support and resistance can be seen in the chart. Lower support has not been retested. If ADA does move to lower support, a drop to $0.17 is then possible.

Opportunity 🔔 3: Testing the mini-Walken

The developers of the Walken NFT game, which awards users for physical activity, have announced a mini-game, Walken Blocks. The goal of the game is to combine blocks with the same numbers, aiming to get as large a number as possible. The more blocks you combine, the more prizes you get. Among the prizes are $WLKN, GEMs, and Mysberries. Here’s a step-by-step instruction. Download the app here (iOS only).

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