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Whack Your Undead Neighbour, Horror Play-to-Earn NFT Game — Spooktacular 2022

Winnie Kimeu

Writer, News

Oct 21, 2022 at 09:53

In the spirit of Halloween, this non-horror fan did the unspeakable — I played and reviewed the top 5 horror NFT games here.

Moreover, I decided to look for a game that is still spooky, but something I would enjoy playing, without fearing for my life, or peeing my pants.

Whack Your Undead Neighbour was my top choice after reviewing other options like the Clucking Hell series, which was developed after the WYUN NFT game, by Fear.

Introduction to Whack Your Undead Neighbour Horror NFT Game

WYUN is a point to shoot horror NFT game developed by the ‘Netflix and Steam of blockchain gaming’, Fear. The NFT game is derived from the famous Whack It! series that offers play-to-earn and interactive NFT features.

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WYUN was originally developed in 2018, following a series of Whack it! Games from 2015. Fear developed it as a P2E game in 2021.

In the Whack Your Undead Neighbour NFT game, you get to solve puzzles in order to ‘whack’ your zombie neighbour, overcome both simple and hard challenges, and enjoy the detailed, well-drawn, comic-book style of the game.

Whack Your Undead Neighbour, Whack your Zombie Neighbour Cool Black and Whote Comic Style Horror NFT Play-to-earn kill-to-earn crypto game
Black & white comic-style animated NFT horror game


The ‘play-to-earn’ feature isn’t automatically activated the moment you start playing the game. You have to complete a total of four kills inside the main game. You can skip these kills if you want to and simply play the game on ‘free mode’, but I highly recommend that you do so, if only to watch the amazing animations.

The gameplay

When you click play, whether you play it on the Fear website or download on PC, or Android, Whack Your Undead Neighbour starts with our two (three if you count the dog) main characters; Patrick, Lisa and Whiskey the dog enjoying the day in their backyard. Patrick is grilling up some juicy beef cuts, as Whiskey looks on. Lisa is basking on a lawn chair. Suddenly, an alarm goes off. The neighbour, starts transforming into a zombie, 3X his original size, breaks through the white picket fence that separates their homes, and gears for an attack.

In this first round, you play the game as Patrick. The yard is surrounded by a myriad of objects that you can use as a weapon against the zombie. From a baseball bat, an axe and a plank of wood, to tools such as a sword that’s in the tool shed. Whatever you decide to use, it gets gory — and it’s safe to say that this game is not for those with hemophobia. Definitely a PG+18 if I were to rate it.

After killing the zombie, Patrick smugly sits on the body, and casually lights a cigarette. Talk about zero chills. Yikes.

Viewer discretion is advised. WYUN.

Nope, it doesn’t end there. The zombie’s dismembered head crawls back to Patrick, who picks it up, and arrogantly blows cigarette smoke in its face, then tosses it on the barbeque for it to burn. (Insert evil laughter.) The creators of this game really wanted to appeal to horror fans, because you (playing as Patrick or Lisa) get to kill the same zombie 10 times, with 100+ ways to kill.

So, you can play WYUN 50+ times!

I applaud them for making the kills quite creative. Furthermore, they delivered on the blood, guts, and brain bashing. It’s click to play, so you only need to select your weapon of choice and watch the horror and comedy unfold.

SPOILER ALERT: Grandma gets turned into a zombie by the neighbour, but still attacks the undead neighbor, protecting Patrick and Lisa.

In the play-to-earn gameplay, you get to search for undead rats or blow the heads off chickens in a time rush to earn fear coins. This is not easy, but the more you play, the more coins you earn.

Overall, Whack Your Undead Neighbour is surprisingly entertaining.

I recommend having a ‘halloween play party’ with your friends and you each take a turn at choosing a weapon to kill the zombie.

Whack Your Undead Neighbour play-to-earn

You can choose to play the entire game without earning Fear coins, but you can activate the P2E feature after making four kills in the game. Although it is optional, I recommend not skipping this part even if it’s only to be entertained.

To access the play-to-earn feature of the game, you need to be connected to Polygon MATIC and have a little bit of MATIC in your wallet so you can pay the gas fees in the game.

You will be prompted to buy tickets to enter the play-to-earn tournament at the devil’s chest dashboard which manages all of the P2E information. Connect your wallet, buy some Fear coins, which you can then use to buy tickets for the game or the gory NFTs like zombie grandma. You can also buy Fear coins with your real-world debit or credit card.

Whack Yur Undead Neighbour NFT Play-to-earn horror NFT game Undead neighbour NFT
Undead Neighbour NFT
Whack Yur Undead Neighbour NFT Play-to-earn horror NFT game Undead Grandma NFT
Undead Grandma NFT









To use or ‘burn’ a ticket on the WYUN NFT horror game would require some gas fees. This makes WYUN not a free-to-play NFT game.

A ticket burns with each challenge, the first being the Rat Around mini-game, where you locate rats hidden in the original WYUN map. The second is the Clucking Hell mini-game where rooster-zombies try to eat the animals in your barn. It’s a point-to-shoot challenge game. The roosters are ruthless, as they don’t need a head to attack. As they reach the fence of the barn, your health decreases. So, you have to put the zombie roosters down with two to three shots.  

The Rat around and Clucking Hell mini-games are the play-to-earn games and are exclusive to the original WYUN game making this game fun to play for everyone.

Fear Coins

Fear coins and NFTs are integrated into the game in a number of ways. As explained, you earn Fear coins through the mini-games. Once earned, you get access to restricted game areas to earn more Fear coins and NFTs.

You can hold your NFTs on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to access exclusive killer games that no one else can play, plus have Play-to-Win and Bet-to-Play rights in the game area.

The Fear price is now at $0.144919 USD with a current CoinMarketCap ranking at number 1,433. It has a circulating supply of 6,532,157 FEAR coins with a maximum supply of 65,000,000 FEAR coins, and a market cap of $946,633 USD.

Not bad for a simplistic game. I believe it’s worth investing in, but as always, do your research first.

In conclusion

The puzzle element for Whack Your Undead Neighbour NFT Horror NFT game is a nice change from the shoot-to-kill NFT games that dominate the blockchain gaming market.

Finding where the different items are to get the next kill or discovering what items need to be combined to create a weapon will definitely keep you engaged. I didn’t get one night’s sleep playing this game, so I definitely give it a 4.9 out 5 stars rating.

It’s not a long game. Once you’ve mastered where weapons and their combinations are, you can quickly smash, cut, punch and tear your way through the game.

Whack Yur Undead Neighbour NFT Play-to-earn horror NFT game Lisa NFT
Lisa bringing on the girl power


The play-to-earn feature requires an initial investment which is a major con. Moreover, you need to play the mini-games consistently to earn Fear coins, which gets tedious and boring, seeing as the mini-games are few and only increase in difficulty level.

Gather your friends on Halloween night to play this game that guarantees laughs and plenty of hours of game play. Let us know how it goes in the comments.

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