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Top 5 horror play-to-earn games released in 2022

Winnie Kimeu

Writer, News

Oct 14, 2022 at 10:27

Halloween is right around the corner, but the spooks and scares are well underway in the gaming world. We’ve compiled a couple of blockchain horror nft games to get you in a scary mood. These games are for people who enjoy the thrill of horror and jump scares and also want a little bit of a scare factor to keep them on their toes.

The Simpsons Horror NFT Games
The Simpsons Horror NFT Games

Without further ado, here are five horror play-to-earn games.

  •  Zombie Guillotine
  • Dark Eden M
  • Zombie World Z
  • Araya
  • Undead Blocks

Zombie Guillotine

To kick start our list, we have Zombie Guillotine, which is an open-world action-adventure horror game built on Polygon and Binance smart chain. It was the first play-to-earn open-world zombie shooter game released in early 2022.

Players get to traverse an open world to fight zombies and earn rewards in the process.

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Zombie Guillotine NFT Horror Game
Zombie Guillotine NFT Horror Game

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic open world 50 years after a plague turned all of humanity into flesh-eating zombies. The victims’ blood turns black, and their skin turns white. These zombies are the main enemies that players have to defeat to earn their rewards. You can also compete with other players, customize your character, and collect guns while earning tokens in-game.

By killing these zombies, you can earn the native currency for the game, $ZOMG, which can be used to purchase weapons and gears in the in-game and player-driven marketplace. Players can also buy or sell any of the NFTs they created while playing the game.

The zombies are hard to beat, with the classic ‘shot to the head’ doing the trick.

In order to survive this post-apocalyptic hell, you travel through world maps crafting weapons, cooking food, and breeding pets. You can choose from several classes for your character plot like:

  •       The Engineer – Focuses on NFT weapons
  •       The Ranger – Collects NFT pets, like horses
  •       The Medic – Collects Medical Kits NFTs

The weapons used are also classified under:

  •       Melee Weapons – Great for up-close fights
  •       Mid-Range Weapons – With high fire rate but with low accuracy
  •       Long-Range Weapons – Good for distant zombies, has high accuracy and low fire rate – to kill off zombies one at a time.

Solo or playing with others, this game will leave you wanting to prepare for a real zombie apocalypse.

Dark Eden M Horror NFT Game

This mobile horror MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) is built on the Wemix network. Players use their character, whether Slayer or Vampire, to fight against the other faction and earn rewards. Similar to how Diablo 2 looked back in the day, Dark Eden M plays from a top-down perspective.

Dark Eden M NFT Horror Game
Dark Eden M NFT Horror Game – Vampires

Dark Eden M Gameplay

To play the game, you would control your character, fight monsters and get stronger to progress.

The story is based around the never-ending battle between humans and vampires. The Slayers are the human faction trying to survive by eliminating all the vampires. The Vampires, on the other hand, are immortal blood-thirsty beings that feed off of humans and want to eliminate them.

The Vampires have been searching for a part of Lilith’s soul, the Blood Bible, which is sealed in Adam’s holy land for thousands of years. The Vampires believe that the Blood Bible will set them free from the curse of light.

On the other hand, the Slayers (humans) are establishing an organization called the EVE against vampires.

You must pick a side when you start to play the game. Pick wisely.

Depending on your preference, as a Slayer, you can choose to be an ‘Assault, Chaser or Titan’ Slayer. If you choose to be a Vampire, you can also select your preference; ‘Blood Walker, Dark Eye or Demonica.’

To grow and improve their character, players must grind in the field doing quests, finishing achievements, battling bosses in dungeons and more. You can craft and upgrade your weapons and equipment in the game to become even stronger, and participate in conquests and race wars to get more XP for your character.

Dark Eden M uses DEBCO, the utility token that connects the real world to the game. The game rewards are earned in Tier Medals by killing another race or completing race missions. You can trade your Tier Medals for DEBCO, which can then be traded for WEMIX Credit.

Zombie World Z Horror NFT Game

Yes, another Zombie game.

Zombie World Z is a zombie idle defense PC and mobile game built on the Binance Smart Chain platform. You’ll need a VR Headset to best play the game. Players use the characters they own to defend their base from relentless attacks from zombies.  The game features many NFTs in the form of heroes, weapons, lands, and pets.

Zombie World Z NFT Horror Game
Zombie World Z NFT Horror Game

You can select up to 5 heroes to form a team and defeat the zombies.

There are currently 11 heroes divided in four classes:





The 31 NFT weapons that heroes can equip themselves with are divided into seven types; pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, assault, sniper, missile and sci-fi.

Each weapon has a star level of ‘Rarity’ and their corresponding damage of fire raid.

Equipping a hero with a weapon that they use effectively during gameplay unlocks bonuses.

Heroes can also equip their NFT pets, which come in 8 types. The pets assist the hero by upgrading damage attack levels, speed, hit points, armor, and attacking incoming zombies. You can also upgrade your pet for better gameplay and as an NFT.

The different modes in the game include PVE and PVP. Additionally, there are Farming and Staking Mechanisms for NFT owners.

The game’s native token is ZWZ which can be used in trading NFTs and high-ranking rewards.

Moreover, it also has a BRAIN token which is in unlimited supply, used within the game to upgrade weapons and defeat game bosses.


I have tried to play this game and didn’t progress past the first chapter. It is scary. So, if your scare ability is above seven on a scale of 1-10, Araya is the game for you.

Araya survive to earn NFT horror game
Araya survive to earn NFT horror game

Araya is a first-person 3D horror adventure/survival game built on the Polygon Network. Fear has adapted this horror classic from 2016 into a play-to-earn game for the crypto geeks out there.

Fear claims to be the Web3 horror version of Steam and Netflix, spotting many other horror titles on its platform.

Araya Horror NFT Gameplay

In the game, players will have to piece together the murder case of Araya and earn rewards while trying to crack the case.

Araya is played in a single-player mode where players go through an abandoned Thai hospital to uncover the secrets of Araya’s disappearance. The story is told from the perspective of three different characters. Players can buy two torch NFTs at the start of the game to help illuminate their way through the horror hospital. Ray of Hope torch NFT costs 10 FEAR and illuminates less than the Full Moon NFT, which costs 24 FEAR.

For those who dare, however, you can choose to play in complete darkness and pee your pants.

You can only earn after completing each chapter in the game. The more you play, the more you earn/receive awards and get ranked in the ‘Monthly leaderboards of Death.’

If you have already played the game, Web2 or Web3 version, let us know in the comments who killed Araya. (Because I definitely won’t be finding out by myself.)

Undead Blocks

Boo! Another Zombie-game.

Undead Blocks Kill to earn NFT horror game
Undead Blocks Kill to earn NFT horror game

Undead Blocks is a multiplayer zombie survival game built on Ethereum. The graphics and characters remind me of the Walking Dead franchise. Players collect weapons and slay endless waves of zombies in an immersive FPS experience.

The weapons are NFTs that are mainly used to defeat hordes of zombies. Players earn rewards for each kill and can upgrade/trade weapons as NFTs in the marketplace.

Furthermore, Undead Blocks features several ways to play, but the end goal remains, “Kill all zombies.”

Play solo, or build a squad of friends/family of over four people per squad.

My favorite feature is the speed run mode, where players have to defeat a set number of zombie waves as fast as they can to earn rewards.

In each game mode, you earn a standard ZBUX based on your performance that can be played at any time. A daily rotation leaderboard challenge grants players the ability to earn gold ZBUX that can be encrypted into various NFT weapons.

In order to improve your chances of winning, you can update your weapons to increase their damage, ammo capacity and accuracy for a direct killer headshot.

A vast array of weapons is up for grabs, including handguns, SMGs (submachine guns), assault rifles, shotguns and even a special crossbow that pays homage to Daryl of the Walking Dead.

Daryl Dixon in Walking Dead
Daryl Dixon in Walking Dead


Undead Blocks offers dual tokens that complete its “kill to earn” ecosystem.

ZBUX are the main rewards currency used to upgrade items, and UNDEAD is the main governance token of the game used to purchase weapon NFTs in the ecosystem and can be used in the stake mode to earn more.

That’s a wrap!

This list covers traditional-style horror games that are sure to leave you shaking in your boots but will also help you earn some coin.

Let us know which game on this list you would dare to play.

For more information on blockchain games, check out more articles here.

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