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2142 Review – the transmedia plan for 2023 and beyond

Robyn Abrahams

News Writer

Dec 5, 2022 at 07:02

This interview with Dušan Žica from 2142 sheds light on how NFT technology can pave the future for the creative community.

Our team has already outlined the foundation of this project in this fantastic article.

It is essential to understand that this is not an average NFT collection and that the 2142 team is thinking far beyond anything that OpenSea could host on a single page. This project plans to create a transmedia thematic universe for their comic book, characters, and future game components to interoperate between the 2142 media types.

Dušan Žica, CEO and COO of the 2142 NFT-backed comic project.

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The creative market is saturated now, but an alarming reality about the digital art sphere is dominated by people who do not care about art or aesthetics. This is a primary problem with the NFT marketplace, according to Dušan. How can anyone believe in the artistic vision of the NFT marketplace if smoking monkey JPEGs and generative collections of digital rocks overpopulate it? This is not a good look for the NFT market.

This is not to say that the NFT market lacks value or artistic integrity. Many projects and NFT platforms scout artists carefully and prioritize quality over a purely hype-fueled buying trend. This is the exclusive corner of the market where the 2142 NFT-backed comic books exist.

“I don’t believe this NFT trend will last for a long time,” Dušan says in his interview with buidlbee.

This is a common belief amongst NFT investors as we move out of the first few waves of hype surrounding the NFT market. NFTs are going to be around for a while. Experts, including Dušan, predict that the underlying technology will outlive the hype. The market will evolve to profit projects incorporating NFT digital assets and other blockchain technology and imbue them with real-world utility or entertainment.

This is where the 2142 transmedia project comes into play as it builds its metaverse-themed story across various interactive media, all backed by NFT technology. The first issue of the comic breaks the 2142 universe wide open. It captivates its readers with its psychedelic color palette and witty storytelling style, poking holes in human society and the mythos people bow to in the 2142 storytelling universe.

These panels from the 2142 comic book illustrate the cyberpunk aesthetic set in a universe that simultaneously contains magic and technology.

The first issue of their 2142 comic series “As Above, So Below” is now available to be minted on their official 2142 marketplace and has seen a mixed response to its release. This was expected as Dušan has been vocal about his target audience being comic book lovers and not NFT investors. A bit of resistance to the volatile technology is understandable.

The comic book synopsis of the comic book is as follows:

As the world lies in ruins, Metaverse is the opium of

The masses and the last Bitcoin has been mined to

Shake the foundations of a known world, three troubled

humans and one strained AI get trapped into hideous

Astral conflict at the end of the great cosmic cycle.

Follow them on an epic journey throughout their

spiritual awakening in the physical world, virtual reality,

And astral planes. While at the same time, the ancient.

Deities start to awaken; alien demons ravage the Earth,

And AI fights AI for the decentralized liberation of all conscious entities.

Another myth becomes a reality as the mysterious.

Satoshi’s wallet activates for the first time to purge the

Planet from mega-corps and Metaverse brand sects.

Deep beneath the mortal coil of our suffering planet,

The chant is murmured: “Mother Earth, it is time….” 

To access this cyberpunk-mythology-inspired Sci-Fi comic book phenomenon, spare a few bucks and mint the story yourself. This is a step-by-step guide on how you can read the first issue of the 2142 comic:

  • Step 1: Connect your Ethereum wallet (MetaMask) to the 2142 marketplace.
  • Step 2: Mint your 21 NFT bundle of randomly distributed pages, covers, and comic book panels for $30.
  • Step 3: Explore the marketplace, trade mint, and trade your 2142 NFTs until you’ve collected a complete issue #1 of the 2142 comic book!
  • Step 4: Once you’ve assembled a complete comic book issue, you will be rewarded with a free-air drop of unique NFT characters, locations, and items that appear in the comic book. This will grant you unique utility and access to revenue share in the future of 2142 transmedia projects.

The NFT marketplace that the 2142 community can buy, sell and trade their specific panels, characters, and comic book locations with the rest of the community.

Upcoming announcement: 2142 Video Game

Dušan made it clear that the 2142 transmedia franchise is still in its infancy. The creative mind behind this project has outlined the plan intended to unfold over the next 5 to 10 years.

“The idea is to have a video game as a real product as the driving force for this transmedia… when you sell NFT comic books, it’s a small market,” Dušan comments on why the comic book is only the first step of the 2142 transmedia project, “We have long term transmedia in the plan.”

The 2142 comic book is the first step in a long-term NFT-backed transmedia interactive thematic universe. When asked about his long-term plan, Dušan said, “First comic book, and then we have a video game, tabletop RPGs, and hopefully tomorrow we, maybe we’re gonna do a ball game or like animated series.” The point is that this is only the beginning of the 2142 project!

Dušan has high hopes for the DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization) to pilot community-driven progress that puts people before profit. This is a model of profit sharing that Dušan has built into the 2142 project because he believes that the value should be distributed back to the community.

“… it’s happening now for video games, and it can also be used for education or even health care,” Dušan comments when talking about the future of Industry and how people can actively participate and benefit directly from the resources utilized in society. Dušan spoke about the DAO model and how wonderful it can be if it finds real-world utility. An example of this could be making health care cheaper for everyone or creating an NFT-backed educational system that won’t cost a fortune. These are examples of how the DAO model could be combined with NFT technology to improve the world.

This is a utopia-like scenario we may witness because, as Dušan mentions, it is already being utilized in the game industry through a model like the DAO bottom-up structure. Until this system is in full effect, the NFT collection is a primary method of funding the complementary transmedia projects (the upcoming video game and board game). The plan for the 2142 video game and the other aspects of the project will be announced in Dubai next year during the Tomorrow Conference when the 2142 team pitch the first NFT-backed transmedia project to the Web3 world.

The 2142 project is involved in Tomorrow Conference in Dubai in 2023. This will be a perfect opportunity for the project to announce the next installment of its transmedia franchise plan for 2023 and beyond.

There is much promise in the 2142 project, and not all of it stems from its profit margin. This project is one rooted in the joys of storytelling. While its DAO funding system does offer the potential to benefit you financially, the more exciting element of the project is that early adopters will become members of a thematic universe that will space a plethora of different interactive mediums. The comic book issues and its NFT minting and exchange marketplace allow an opportunity to actively build your next favorite transmedia franchise. By the time you play the 2142 video game, you will have participated in creating the universe with which the characters enter and interact.

This is not intended as a full endorsement of the 2142 project but as a way to open your eyes to fun and interesting Web3 projects you might have yet to hear of.

All information provided on this website is for educational and informational purposes only. Please consult with our Disclaimer.

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