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10 Robinhood followers buy fake RBH token after scammers hacked Twitter account

Winnie Kimeu

Writer, News

Jan 26, 2023 at 01:18

On Jan. 25th, many crypto Twitter users shared a tweet that has since been deleted by Robinhood, asking its 1.1 million followers to contribute $0.0005 to own the “RBH” token on the BNB Smart Chain. 

At least 10 individuals bought around $1,000 worth of the phony token before the tweet was taken down.

Robinhood Scammer
Robinhood Scammer

Additionally, CEO Changpeng Zhao announced that the company’s security team had sealed the account linked in the tweet, “awaiting further investigations.” 

Moreover, a representative from Robinhood shared that the perpetrator, suspected to be an “outsider vendor,” had also infiltrated the platform’s Instagram and Facebook profiles.

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“Exercise critical thinking even in the face of accounts that appear or claim to be genuine,” advised Zhao.

Even though the cryptocurrency trading platform allows investors to buy/sell many different cryptocurrencies, Robinhood doesn’t have its own token.

However, investors can buy shares of HOOD on Nasdaq to invest in the company, which is closed trading at around $9.71 at the time of writing this article.

It’s happened before

In July 2020, a hacker got access to some big-wig Twitter accounts, which they orchestrated to swindle users out of their Bitcoin.

BTC 30 days price value. Source: CoinmarketCap
BTC 30 days price value now at $22,945.02. Source: CoinmarketCap

Furthermore, the bad actor pledged to return twice the amount of any crypto received. 

Since then, CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has acquired the social media platform and has implemented numerous policies that have been met with disapproval from users, industry experts, and legislators.

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