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UFOs and vEmpires: Top 5 gaming coins that have increased in price over the past week

Natali Soloviova

BuidlB, journalist

Jul 26, 2022 at 01:38

Hundreds of new blockchain projects are created every day in the world. Many of them are games. Some of these projects will grow strongly and give their investors hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some will disappear within a month.

Our editors will help you understand the game coins. We will regularly publish selections of in-game coins that have grown over the past week. Here is the first one.

UFO Gaming, + 31,55%

UFO Gaming (UFO) is a decentralized gaming platform coin. This platform is called The Dark Metaverse. It’s developed like a universe — each released game will be a separate planet.

The first such game has already been released and is called Super Galactic.

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Players can participate in the creation of UFO Gaming. They can create playable characters in the form of NFTs called UFOeps. High-level characters can be traded on the UFO Gaming marketplace as NFTs. Players can also create their own clans, trade virtual real estate and items, and earn cryptocurrency and NFT tokens. All transactions in the metaverse occur in internal UFO tokens.

The UFOeps fight a hostile alien race in a cleansed world. They have a big mission — to protect peace and tranquility throughout the world. For completed quests, players receive a reward.

The largest holders of UFO tokens are members of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Members of this organization can directly influence the project.

vEmpire DDAO, +23%

vEmpire DDAO is a sizeable decentralized investment organization. It allows you to place bets and also has its own games.

The first of the games is vEmpire: The Beginning. It is a collectible card game based on the blockchain. It gives the vEmpire community the opportunity to fight each other. Winners receive an award in DDAO, the project’s token.

The second game is an untitled Hack ‘n Slash based on The Sandbox. The central location of this game is ancient Rome. Players must live in it, fighting, trading, and interacting with other gamers.

YooShi, +21%

YooShi originally was just another meme coin inspired by the success of Shiba Inu. Therefore, the beginnings of YooShi did not differ too much from other currencies of this type.

But later, the creators of YooShi decided they wanted to make the token really useful. They decided to do a project that aims to become the world’s largest NFT metaverse for blockchain games.

Now YooShi is a launchpad for blockchain games. It provides developers with an open platform to launch their games and promote them. The token offers its audience for promotion, that is, the owners of the coin.

The YooShi Ecosystem consists of several games in which you can earn money. It also offers an NFT marketplace where players can wager on various NFTs, which can later also be used for DeFi purposes.

YooShi has a pretty cute design. It is inspired by Yoshi, the dinosaur from the famous Super Mario game.

Efiniti, +19,90%

Efinity is a next-generation blockchain for digital assets built on Polkadot. The technology allows you to quickly, easily, and reliably work with NFT, regardless of the speed of the Internet. The project has a token of the same name.

The project’s creators are confident that developers need a platform that can provide a modern, mainstream, and developer-friendly NFT experience. Because now, it is not very convenient — some solutions have more commission, and some have inflexible smart contracts.

Verasity, + 19,12%

VRA is Verasity’s own token, which has been operating for four years since 2018. This project is not exactly a game. As the creators say, they are making “a new generation of video hosting.” Its mission is to make the platform fair so that creators can earn from their content.

The company has two main products: professional streaming platform VeraEsports and Both projects use Verasity technology to check if bots are watching videos.

VeraEsports is a gaming project. It works at the intersection of games and cryptography. It also allows esports fans to create in-game and out-of-game NFTs and earn rewards for watching and participating in their favorite esports tournaments.

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