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“To make BNB great”: DONS surges 600% and project’s team claims the memecoin potential — to buy or not to buy?

Andrew Zhoao

News editor

May 18, 2023 at 06:33

The Dons token (DONS), a memecoin on the BNB chain, has risen nearly 600% since its launch less than a week ago. Such figures allowed the asset to hit the trends and attract the attention of investors. Meanwhile, the project team continues to develop its product and announced the upcoming listing on CEX. What are the features of this cryptocurrency, and is it a good option for investment? We will discuss this further.

“We are family”: what are the Dons?

According to the official website, DONS is “the ultimate meme token for the crypto community.”

“DONS is a fun and exciting way to participate in the world of crypto while also showing off your love for meme. With DONS, you can enjoy all the benefits of a decentralized currency while also sharing laughs and good vibes with other investors,” state the creators.

The goal of the project is to make BNB great as well as capture the market during the current alt-season, which is ruled by memecoins. Despite the fact that, according to the project bosses, they have a small “family”, they plan to grow “like no other project has ever grown. So the creators want to prove that even a small idea can lead to great success.

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“In the end, we will prove that even a small idea can lead to great success, and with family, hard work, knowledge, and dedication we will show the crypto space how strong the DONS Army can be,” the project’s representatives say.

According to the authors, the project has the following features:

  • Decentralization. DONS is based on the Binance Smart Chain. The creators promise investment protection as well as fraud and hacking security for transactions.
  • Meme orientation. The token is inspired by the world of memes and was created for fun. Whether you’re a diehard fan of memes or just looking for a carefree way to invest in cryptocurrency, according to the project creators, DONS is the perfect choice.
  • DAO. The project is created for and owned by the community.

The core product of the project is a DONS token, whose exact uses are not yet known. The authors minted a total of 10B coins, but according to CoinMarketCap, there are only 8,150,000,000 DONS in circulation. Here’s how they are distributed according to the project’s tokenomics:

  • Pinksale — 50%.
  • Liquidity — 30% (locked for 10 years).
  • Team — 10%.
  • CEX listings — 5%.
  • Marketing/Airdrop — 5.

As for the project team that will implement the tasks, its structure is unknown.

In addition, it is worth noting that, according to the authors, the DONS token has nothing to do with the “Godfather” movie franchise but simply pays homage to the culture created by the franchise in an entertaining way.

“This is serious business”: DONS’ current price

As of this writing, the DONS token is trading at $0.001198, up 34,44% from a day ago.

The Dons to USD chart
The Dons to USD chart

Moreover, it should be mentioned that today, on May 18, the asset reached its historical maximum and peaked at $0.001244.

However, less than a week ago, it reached the market at $0.0001737 and gained more than 600%. So, if you had entered at the start, you would have 6,8 more of the invested amount at the time of writing.

This success of DONS can be explained by the general interest in meme projects, which has increased many times over the last month. In this regard, the token begins to be listed on various exchanges. So, at first, it was possible to buy it on PancakeSwap and OpenOcean, and at the time of writing, it became known that on May 19, the Poloniex exchange would add the coin to its platform.

Is DONS a good investment?

After a successful start, The Dons attracted the attention of investors. So, the number of holders of the coin, according to BscScan has already exceeded 10,000. And after reaching an all-time high value, the market capitalization of DONS jumped from $80K to $10M.

In addition, during this time, the project started a number of collaborations and integrations, which, in the long run, can also bear fruit. Among those are:

Now, according to the authors of the project, “they are working on even bigger things,” with the main goal being “to make BNB great.”

“So be sure to keep an eye out on The Dons as we keep building and bringing new features. While simultaneously trying to bring back the community feeling in BSC and challenging the way memecoins are viewed and managed,” they say.

At the same time, we should not forget that this is a meme coin project, and despite this being their time of triumph, not everyone manages to achieve success. In addition, the authors of DONS themselves write on the official website that their coin was created for entertainment purposes and has no inner value or expected financial return. So, decide for yourself after careful analysis if you want to invest in a token whose seriousness is not acknowledged even by its creators. Good luck.

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