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“The people who make Web3 games their jobs are the ones that make money” – Desiree on Web3 gaming

Robyn Abrahams

News Writer

Jan 24, 2023 at 03:10


Desiree Dickerson has an interesting background when it comes to the Web3 industry. She started her career as a biologist and eventually made her way onto the Lightning Network team. Desiree was the VP of business operations at Lightning Labs. The Lightning Network is an open layer-two payment protocol built on the Bitcoin blockchain network that aims to make transactions using Bitcoin cheaper and faster.  

This started her love affair with Bitcoin, mostly because the Lightning Network was built on the Bitcoin blockchain. In a time when cryptocurrency is at its most volatile, Desiree is still 1000% in on Bitcoin and has gone so far as to use it as the in-game currency for her gaming company, THNDR games. In this article, she explains why she believes in Bitcoin. But before we delve into it, here is more on Desiree.

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Desiree is the CEO and Co-Founder of THNDR GAMES, a Web3 gaming platform that uses a P2E (play-to-earn) that allows the players on their platform to earn Bitcoin while playing their games. She stated that Bitcoin is preferable to crypto gaming coins unique to each gaming platform due to Bitcoin’s secure scarcity and this retains the value of Bitcoin. This is the fundamental reason why THNDR Games utilizes Bitcoin on their gaming platform. Here’s what she shared with us.

Why do you focus on Bitcoin instead of other cryptocurrencies?

Des: As a professional at THNDR GAMES, (Des is the co-founder of THUNDR Games) I focus on Bitcoin instead of other cryptocurrencies because of its sound fundamentals. Bitcoin is secure, has a finite supply, and is less prone to inflation compared to other assets. Furthermore, at THNDR, our approach to gaming is to introduce value to games without getting too complex with different token models. Bitcoin is a tangible crypto asset that is easy for users to understand and use. Our goal is to build simple things first, and then expand to more complex projects. This approach ensures that the fundamentals are built first and that we can move upward in the future. We believe that while other projects are building complex token economies, meta versus NFT systems, and marketplaces, at THNDR GAMES, we focus on introducing value to gaming by building simple yet effective systems. We believe that by starting with the basics and getting them right, we can eventually build more complex and interesting games. Additionally, Bitcoin is the most tangible crypto asset and can be used in everyday transactions, making it more accessible to players. We want to create fun games that players can enjoy and earn a bit of Bitcoin.

Are you bullish on Bitcoin in your portfolio?

Des: I focus on Bitcoin primarily because of its sound fundamentals, such as its finite supply and high level of security. Other cryptocurrencies may have different tokenomics models, or introduce inflationary assets to a game economy, which can lead to a crash in their token value. Additionally, I believe that Bitcoin is the most tangible crypto asset. It has the potential to not only add value to games but also potentially provide a way for players to earn a living from home. I don’t have the time to follow other cryptocurrencies, and I believe in the potential of Bitcoin to grow and be successful in the long term.

How do you feel about crypto wallets, cold wallets, and crypto exchanges? Which do you trust more, given that exchanges and wallets can be hacked or restricted and cold wallet keys can be stolen or lost?

Des: While I do not keep any exchanges, I do have money in hot wallets as I use Bitcoin every day. However, when it comes to onboarding new users, I understand the importance of custodial solutions as they provide a safe and friendly environment for users to start their journey in the crypto space. As users accumulate more wealth in these assets, it is important for them to move their coins off exchanges for added security. It’s a gradual journey, and it’s important to start somewhere.

When is it too risky to store your crypto in a hot exchange?

Des: Well, I think it’s a great question. It depends on the individual’s risk tolerance. For me, if I have over $1,000, I would consider moving it off-exchange and into a safer storage solution. It’s important to consider the security measures that some exchanges have in place, such as FDIC insurance. However, as the individual’s wealth grows, it’s important to explore other custody solutions such as Unchained Capital, Casa, or Block for more secure storage options. The industry is getting better, but it takes time, and it’s important for people to understand their own journey when it comes to keeping their funds safe.

I saw five games on your website. Do you plan to expand your catalog soon, and will these games take on any RPG formats?

Des: So, in our portfolio, we started with hyper-casual games like TURBO 84. We then transitioned to more casual games like Bitcoin Bay and Solitaire, which have been hugely successful. We consider ourselves a competitive gaming platform and have various rituals across our games. In the next few weeks, we will release more competitive features on our platform. In February, we will release a new casual game, and by mid-year, we will release a more in-depth PvP strategy game.

Regarding the reaction we expect for the upcoming PvP game, it’s hard to say, as it’s a different demographic than our current games. Solitaire, for example, is mostly played by women and people over 30-50. The PvP game is more intense, but it’s also something that I personally enjoy, and my sister enjoys it as well.

As for the potential for eSports, we do have some players who are incredibly skilled and have high scores. We’re focusing on the competitive aspect of our games in Q1, and eSports is a big part of our plan for the year.

Do you plan to incorporate NFT assets in your game?

Des: Yeah, I mean, it’s definitely something we would do. The demand for web three games is increasing, and I hope to see more flexibility from companies like Apple regarding cryptocurrency transactions; they still get their 30% cut. As long as it is easy for our users to use and they are willing to use it, we will integrate it into our games. We have plans to explore browser-based games and once that is possible, it will open up new opportunities for us to incorporate cryptocurrency transactions and NFT assets.

How can the average person leverage Web3 games to make money aside from your program?

Des: I think you can make money from playing crypto-based games and trading tokens, but I don’t think it will last forever. Like any game, there will be a broken tokenomics model, and people are barely making a living from it anymore. Each game will go in waves, but if you’re making these tokens and games and then you’re FX trading, and you’re good at it, you can make it your full-time job and make money 100%. However, I can’t figure out any of the games, and I can’t afford it. For example, we as a team tried to play Axie Infinity, but I couldn’t afford $200 per Axis token. Even if I could figure it out, I wouldn’t put that much money on the line because I have a job.

We’re focusing on the competitive nature of it in Q1, and eSports is a big part of our plan. We’ll have 1000s of people playing in these e-sports tournaments every weekend. We’re also focusing on building leaderboards for the games, so players can compete against each other and see where they stand. This will add a new level of excitement and competition to the game, making it even more engaging for players.

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