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The best low-risk cryptocurrencies for investment in 2023 have been revealed

Igor Grigorchenko

News editor

Feb 27, 2023 at 06:20

Altcoin Buzz, an independent analytics channel about the crypto industry, presented a list of the best low-risk cryptocurrencies for mid-term investments. Cardano, Polygon, Ethereum, and Bitcoin are preferred for investment in 2023. Statistical analysis was used for the analysis, which predicts the growth potential of each asset.


Results of the analysis

Altcoin Buzz selected coins not only by their growth potential; it was also important that the asset was the least risky to invest in (even at the expense of possible profits). As a result, the following 4 assets were selected, which are profitable and safe at the same time:

  • Polygon and its MATIC token got on the short list due to the huge number of partners this platform has accumulated over the past year. Many agreements with the project have already been signed during the recent bull trend in the crypto market. Polygon is the absolute record holder in terms of partner growth among all cryptocurrencies. Among the companies betting on Polygon are such brands as Disney, Instagram, Nike, and Starbucks. 
  • Ethereum is included because of its growth potential, according to Altcoin Buzz experts. If a new bull cycle begins and the market gradually moves toward growth, the assets should return to previous records again according to the logic of any business cycle. From this point of view, Ethereum has the biggest growth potential among the top 20 cryptocurrencies. Considering the historical high at $4,800, analysts see huge upside potential, as the coin is now only $1,600. Cardano cryptocurrency is included for the same reason. At the moment, its value is 7.5 times less than the historical maximum, which exceeds $2.8. 
  • Bitcoin was included in the list because, according to experts, “has proven its fundamental importance in the historical perspective”. And, therefore, is the safest coin to invest in for the medium to long term. Even though, according to Altcoin Buzz experts, Bitcoin’s long-term growth potential is lower than other players on this list, this option is still included for lovers of reliable and conservative investments.

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What other alternatives are there?

As we reported earlier, CoinMetrics did very similar research (just using a different methodology): they wanted to select the most crypto-winter and crisis-resistant coins that performed best over the entire crypto-winter distance during 2022, according to the statistics.

So all 36 crypto assets selected for analysis registered a decline in return (ROI) throughout the year 2022. But for five cryptocurrencies, it was not as critical as others. According to the CoinMetrics report, the top five performers were TRX, Monero, BNB, Ethereum Classic, and DOGE. Each of them managed to make a record profit at some point in the year, which affected the aggregate result, and allowed them to end a difficult year with minimal losses.

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