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Sanin Inu grew by almost 50% in a week — what the project team is aiming for and whether the token can surpass SHIB

Andrew Zhoao

News editor

Mar 24, 2023 at 06:37

The Sanin Inu (SANI) token rose 47,7% in the last seven days, from $0.000008018 to $0.00001533, reaching a new ATH all-time high. According to some members of the community, this is just the beginning, and the Shiba Inu killer, as its creators call it, will soon break the new bar.

Centralization killer: What is Sanin Inu?

Sanin Inu is a meme token with a focus on decentralization. Created and launched in April 2022 by a community of enthusiasts as an experiment in decentralization based on the Ethereum blockchain. They wanted to check what hundreds or thousands of random people could achieve by working together.

“Sanin Inu was born to change the balance in the world order. The recent economic crisis forces people to look for new opportunities to gain freedom and for a chance to exist in it. SANI is an absolutely secure view for everyone, aimed at building a common future world, for which there’s a tech opportunity right now. Sanin Inu belongs to humankind,” says the official statement.

According to the official website, the creators of the asset present a new view of decentralization. In their eyes, decentralization can only be achieved if the underlying motives are unselfish. The same cannot be said for centralization, where baseless groups of individuals make money at the expense of ordinary investors, taking their present with the promise of a much larger return in the future.

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Let’s grow together!

The authors of Sanin Inu believe that developers should create new technologies and improve old ones, while ordinary market participants should decide how these technologies will be used. To do this, the product team offers a number of solutions.

  • Anyone can contribute to the development of the project. The Civilization and MilkShakeSquad development teams were the first.
  • The Civilization team developed the TAIL token as well as the staking and farming platform.
  • The MilkShakeSquad team has developed TAILSMANIA, a blockchain project aimed at children. The goal is to explain to the younger generation what blockchain is, as well as to provide an opportunity to earn a small income through gameplay.
  • NFT collection SANSHI, which opens up access to all the possibilities of SANI.
  • The Sakura app will contain a chat room, a social network, an embedded wallet, and a store. The tool, for example, will solve the problem of a forgotten password or inaccessible withdrawal by setting up backup wallets to which money will be sent if the owner is inactive for a long time.
  • Sanin Smart Coin is a physical device for The Sakura app. Users will be able to open separate accounts in The Sakura and, by connecting the Smart Coin to it, pay for goods and confirm the ownership of the wallet in real life.
  • ZEN GAME is a game announced without any details.
  • Sanin merch. The team launch their merch for the community to show love to Sanin in real life.

Sanin Inu features and NFT minting

A detailed analysis of the ecosystem was performed by researcher Crypto Alucard. So, in his words, the project team “[is] actually going strong.” All tokens in the amount of 888M (of which 117 of SANI were already burned), according to CoinMarketCap, were immediately released into circulation on April 5, 2022.

When asked “why Shiba Inu killer?,” the creators replied that love and hate are the same sides of the coin, and as SHIB used to be the DOGE killer, now SANI will be the SHIB killer.

As for the features of the token and the ecosystem, the following stand out among them:

  • Contract renounced.
  • No team allocation.
  • All coins in circulation.
  • No tax.
  • Liquidity burned.
  • Community based.
  • Fair launch.
  • No central team.
  • No pre-sale.

There are rumors that a free NFT minting date will be announced very soon.

Sanin Inu current price

At the time of writing, SANI is trading at $0.00001615, which is 16,47% higher than the day before. Overall, what is happening with the asset now, these are the best numbers since the creation. And the current bullish run has managed to take one zero out of the price. And community members are confident that the token will get rid of all zeros.

If you had started holding Sanin Inu from the beginning, you would have made x2.85 of the invested amount by now. 

Sanin Inu (SANI) to USD chart
Sanin Inu (SANI) to USD chart

It should be noted that in addition to SANI, another token of this ecosystem, TAIL is also growing. In the last 24 hours, the asset has grown by 3,35% to $0.002244. The token has a 4,5% sales tax. In addition, when tokens are minted for pharmacists, 2,25% is automatically burned on sale.

TAIL to USD chart
TAIL to USD chart

Conclusion: Is SANI a good investment?

The cryptocurrency market is very dynamic, and what is trending now may become irrelevant tomorrow. The fact that SANI is growing today doesn’t mean anything. The token is experiencing a sudden boom, which may already end tomorrow. That’s why Sanin Inu should be watched.

Compared to SHIB, it has less credibility, at least considering the market capitalization — $12.9M versus $6.25B. However, it is worth noting that the project team has plans for development that are being gradually implemented. It is possible that if everything goes well, then SANI will become the killer of SHIB. At least some users are already convinced that the time of Shiba Inu has passed.

So what do you think, guys?

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