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NGMI’s meaning in crypto

Vitalii Mikheikin


Feb 10, 2023 at 11:31

The term used by its participants reflects the reality that the realm of crypto is constantly evolving. The NFT region is developing new slang words that are similar to groups of fans, investors, business people, and artists, demonstrating their creativity.

The phrase “not gonna make it,” or “NGMI,” expresses the belief that a particular investment will not succeed. On social media sites like Discord and Twitter, the acronym is frequently employed among the crypto and NFT communities.


Given the inventiveness of the community in the crypto Twitterverse, it’s imperative to remain current on terminology. In this article, we’ll look into NGMI definitions and how they’re applied to the world of cryptocurrencies.

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Not Gonna Make It, or NGMI, is a moniker employed in the realm of the cryptocurrency industry to identify instances of bad judgment, such as trading an NFT at a low price while the market indicates its value is growing. It indicates that the investor rejected expert advice and market knowledge, which had a negative outcome.

Other terminology employed by crypto traders to communicate and exchange ideas includes WAGMI (We are all gonna make it), NGMI, and other terms of a similar kind. Despite being memes at first, the sayings gained a widespread reputation and became part of the crypto vernacular. The phrase was made well-known by the late bodybuilder Zyzz, who employed it in motivational YouTube videos. Since then, it has become widely utilized in the cryptocurrency community.

What does NGMI stand for?

In the fields of digital currencies, the abbreviation NGMI, meaning “Not Gonna Make It,” is widely employed.


This expression is employed to describe traders or businesses that seem unlikely to thrive, typically as a result of hasty or foolish decisions. The statement acts as a warning to traders and investors, implying that a certain project or investment portfolio shouldn’t be taken seriously given its tiny chance of success.

What does NGMI mean?

The acronym NGMI is widely used in the cryptocurrency sector. Investors who believe they won’t gain from their assets or have lost faith in a certain project or the cryptocurrency industry as a whole use this term. Several cryptocurrency communities, such as those on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Quora, often use the NGMI acronym.

In contrast to this depressing slang, the abbreviation WAGMI stands for a more optimistic viewpoint. The use of NGMI happens when unfavorable information about a project for investments incites anxiety in the neighborhood. When a project exhibits a persistently bad trend, a “rug-pull,” or other signs of deterioration, investors may use this term in posts on Twitter or comments to express their loss of confidence in the enterprise. This is a recognition of the loss and a warning to anyone who may be considering joining the same project.

How to use NGMI

In the crypto market, people are known as “NGMIs” if they are unaware of the benefits of investing in digital assets like cryptos and NFTs. This is viewed as a poor financial decision that will utterly fail.

 It is important to use caution when discussing NGMI in the crypto sphere since it might be interpreted as insulting. The title might be used by certain community members to mock themselves when confessing their financial mistakes.

Additionally, NGMI is another term for NFT owners who sell existing assets for little money or fail to take profits and losses into account when doing so.

Examples of NGMI in context

The term “NGMI” is linked to popular cryptocurrency and NFT Youtuber JRNY Crypto, which also has a sizable subscriber base on Youtube.

JRNY tweeted a comparison between the current trend of cryptocurrency and NFT investing and the “tulip fever” that prevailed in the Dutch Republic in the 1600s. During this time, tulip prices saw an extraordinary rise followed by a rapid collapse.

Critics of cryptocurrencies and NFTs sometimes claim that these markets’ valuations are inflated by speculative activity and lack inherent value, much like tulip fever. JRNY believes that these critics are “not gonna make it” in the world of cryptocurrencies or NFTs.


The term “NGMI,” which stands for “Not Gonna Make It,” is frequently used in the cryptocurrency world to describe people or initiatives that are not likely to succeed.


The moniker is frequently employed in crypto groups throughout major social media sites, including Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and Quora. It may be used to describe those who don’t grasp the advantages of investing in assets like cryptos and NFTs. NGMI should be used with caution since they might be interpreted as rude and confrontational.

However, since the cryptocurrency world is rife with acronyms, slang, and technical terminology, it becomes essential for anybody interested in, investing in, or looking to trade cryptocurrency to be knowledgeable about and up to date on the latest and most recent cryptocurrency slang being utilized within the industry. With all this, you might be able to better understand trending crypto news as well as updates, keep in touch with other investors, and foster a sense of community within the sector. 

Additionally, it’s difficult to predict what new crypto-related terms may emerge as usage and innovation increase, but we must be ready to keep up with the crypto and NFT industries’ rapid evolution.

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