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NFT Worlds and BabySwap: 5 crypto gaming losers of the last week

Natali Soloviova

BuidlB, journalist

Jul 28, 2022 at 04:27

The market for cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the metaverse is still very young and is constantly shaking. Some projects lose almost all their value in a matter of days, and others may disappear forever.

Our editors will regularly publish collections of in-game coins that have dropped out over the past week. We hope that it will help our readers to track trends on time.

NFT Worlds, – 66,70%

NFT Worlds is a decentralized gaming platform managed by its users. NFT Worlds owners create limitless metaverse games or experiences for players or exclusive communities in their worlds.

You can do more than just play in NFT Worlds. The platform allows you to create a flexible metaverse. For example, it can hold events, meetings, and even concerts.

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At the moment, there are already about 10,000 such worlds in NFT Worlds, as the creators say. They want to turn NFT Worlds into a decentralized multi-user ecosystem of many worlds nested among themselves.

Each world has in-game portals to many other worlds, and players can easily travel between their favorite worlds anytime.

The price of the token collapsed after Mojang Studios announced that it was banning the integration of NFT into Minecraft. The official reason is “NFTs may create scarcity and exclusion patterns that go against our principles and the spirit of Minecraft.”

Lotto, – 38,06%

Everything is clear from the name. Lotto is a lottery.

It works quite simply. Twice a week, all token holders automatically deduct a certain amount from their wallets. All sums are combined. The system then selects a random winner and gives them the total amount.

To participate in the lottery, you need some LOTTO coins. Now the lottery entry price is 48.42 lotto. Today it’s about $1.

Deepspace, – 33,28%

Deepspace is a famous close combat BNB Smart Chain (BSC) crypto game in a 3D cosmic metaverse. Players can upgrade spaceships and find and extract resources. You can fight with artificial intelligence or other players.

There are quite a lot of what you can do in the game. For example, you can be a rogue starship captain or a mercenary ready to take on others among the stars in turn-based strategic combat.

BabySwap, – 29,43%

Baby Metaverse is a crypto world where users can trade, earn and play. It has several different attentions at once.

For example, traders can find BabySwap investment projects. Many interesting startups are just getting started.

The creators’ goal is to make the assembly fun and easy, to add an element to the game. There are many activities in the project, such as contests.

Victoria VR, – 17,47%

Victoria VR is a reality-based MMORPG. Unusually, the game is made with realistic graphics.

The world is created to become a universal platform for all virtual realities, games, and decentralized applications. The creators want to get a full-fledged metauniverse as a result — a single spatial space, a three-dimensional Internet.

Victoria VR World already has games, quests, virtual scenery, and The Big Market VR, where you can exchange NFTs in 3D.

Victoria VR  tokens are brewing. They can only be used in the universe to buy residential property, including adjacent land and land plots. All token holders can also vote for or against any innovations.

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