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NFT t-shirts from Tidex go on sale: How to participate and what to buy?

Natali Soloviova

BuidlB, journalist

Jul 14, 2022 at 06:34

On July 15, 2022, Tidex cryptocurrency exchange will launch the sale of its NFT t-shirts. There are two types: one for $750 and the other for $1,250. The founders of the project promise buyers that the t-shirt will pay off in 2–3 months. After that, it will be possible to earn without restrictions.

We looked into what kind of project it is, who’s behind it and what the creators promise investors.

What do the creators say about the project?

The project was announced in early summer 2022. It is launched by the Tidex cryptocurrency exchange, that has been operating since 2017. The company offers everyone to buy NFT t-shirts with a unique print that can be scanned. After scanning, it becomes possible to receive TDX exchange tokens or other coins traded on the exchange.

The project is interesting because it’s one of the new kind of metaverse games, Wear2Earn. I’ll explain what that means. Over the past few months, projects like STEPN have been popular where you have to complete tasks to earn money. Wear2Earn is a new thing. Now, to get money, you just need to “put on” a piece of clothing.

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There will be 10,000 of these t-shirts in total. Half will be able to mine TDX coins; the other half will work with all the coins that are traded on the Tidex exchange.

The presale on July 15 is for only a portion of the t-shirts. 3,000 of them will be sold with a 25% discount. Among them are:

  • 1500 t-shirts for a price of $750 with the ability to mine only TDX tokens;
  • 500 t-shirts for $1250 with the ability to mine TDX and other tokens listed on the TIDEX exchange.

How to participate in the presale?

  • A prerequisite is to be a registered user of the Tidex exchange. It is easy to do this, the site has a simple registration via e-mail.
  • You can buy these NFT-shirts only for the exchange’s own currency – TDX (now its price is small, $0.2733). Therefore, first, you need to buy them in sufficient quantities.
  • You can start buying if there is enough money on the balance sheet. The sale of discounted t-shirts will be launched on July 15 and it will be possible to buy a t-shirt at a discount only on this day.
  • Only 3,000 t-shirts out of 10,000 will be sold at the presale. There is no limit on the number of purchases per person.

How exactly will these t-shirts earn you money?

The creators of the project promise buyers of these t-shirts passive income. You will be able to extract cryptocurrency from them through the Tidex Verse exchange.

Tidex Verse app will be released only on September 1, 2022. The creators promise that the t-shirts that you buy will pay off in 2–3 months and then bring you money indefinitely.

Keep in mind that this promise is for the presale. If you buy later, the payback may be longer.

Another way to make money is to wait and try. According to the project’s authors, each t-shirt will become a collector’s item, meaning that you can sell it later for even more money.

What about the t-shirts themselves?

An exciting feature of the project is that the t-shirts will not only be available in the form of NFTs. When buying merch, you can also order an actual t-shirt in one of ten designs to choose from. The creators promise delivery anywhere in the world.

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