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Next week in crypto: the 5 hottest events for October 10–16

Andrew Zhoao

News editor

Oct 7, 2022 at 04:03

Everyone in the crypto community must be aware of upcoming events, as their awareness depends on how well they trade, invest, and interact with other market participants.

Buidlbee editorial will help you stay up-to-date with all the latest news and industry events. We’ve compiled a list of the top five Web3 events and conferences from October 10–16, 2022. This is not our first digest; the previous one can be found here.

Azbit AZ: coin burn (the 10th of October)

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32,843,800 AZ have gone on fire. According to the statement, the token’s total supply has decreased from ~138 billion to ~70 billion, which is 50,22% of the initial supply.

AZ weekly burn
AZ weekly burn

You can find out more information about the transaction here.

Coin burn sends a certain amount of cryptocurrency to a public address that does not have private keys. The coins sent cannot be spent in the future. Thus, coin burning leads to a reduction in the total amount of cryptocurrency in circulation.

GamerCoin GHX: referral program 2.0 launch (the 11th of October)

According to the announcement, it’s a new gains-packed referral program that starts October 10, 2022.

GamerHash, one of the most significant crypto gaming ecosystems, was launched in 2017 and had more than 600K customers. The project’s main idea is to allow gamers to share their computing power by running the GamerHash app in the background. You can read more about the platform here.

GamerCoin GHX — referral program 2.0 launch
GamerCoin GHX — referral program 2.0 launch

Shib Generating SHG: listing on the CoinTiger exchange (the 12th of October)

SHG/USDT trading pair will become available on the CoinTiger exchange. October 12, CoinTiger will become the 1st largest exchange on the cryptocurrency Shib Generating.

The CoinTiger team announced that SHG would be available on CoinTiger. SHG/USDT trading pair will be available at the same time.

Here are the timelines:

  • deposit opening at 6:00 am on 12 October 2022;
  • trading opening at 10:00 am on 12 October 2022;
  • withdrawal opening at 10:00 am on 12 October 2022.

You can find more information about this event here. 

Shib Generating SHG — listing on the CoinTiger exchange
Shib Generating SHG — listing on the CoinTiger exchange

Rebel Bots RBLS: beta version launch (the 14th of October)

Rebel bots Xoil Wars official beta tester beginning.

“Charge up your batteries and install your CPUs Rebels, as we will be opening the Xoil Wars Beta in a month,” says the announcement.

The organizers also added another chance to win a beta pass RT. The participants should tag three friends. So, join and enjoy.

Rebel Bots
Rebel Bots

Lambda LAMB: airdrop (the 15th of October)

According to the statement, Lambda Network the Renaissance mainnet will officially launch on October 10, 2022.

The launch time of each module:

  • Ethereum Cross-Chain Bridge: Oct 10 12:00 UTC;
  • Validator Access: Oct 10 12:00 UTC;
  • Consensus Network Staking: Oct 10 12:00 UTC;
  • Early-bird Airdrop: Oct 10 12:00 UTC;
  • Airdrop for Holders to Claim: Oct 15 6:00 UTC.
Lambda LAMB — airdrop
Lambda LAMB — airdrop

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