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Nansen Integrates Blockchain Data from Chiliz SportFi Chain and Ethereum’s zkSync Rollup

Mar 28, 2024 at 05:58

Nansen, the blockchain analytics platform, has expanded its offerings by integrating data from two prominent blockchain protocols: Chiliz SportFi chain and Ethereum’s zkSync rollup. This integration enables cryptocurrency enthusiasts to access comprehensive insights and analytics directly from these ecosystems.

The announcement, made on March 28, heralds a new era of on-chain data analysis for users. Martin Lee, a data journalist at Nansen, explained that this integration empowers cryptocurrency teams to delve into the intricate details of both ecosystems, leveraging raw data to glean valuable insights. Through Nansen’s querying capabilities, users can explore metrics such as daily active users, transaction volumes, and the most utilized entities and protocols.

For Chiliz, the integration offers a deep dive into its blockchain, which powers numerous fan tokens endorsed by prestigious sports teams worldwide through the Socios platform. Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and Socios, believes that this collaboration will enhance understanding of the Chiliz ecosystem, potentially driving further adoption and growth within the SportFi realm.

The Chiliz blockchain boasts a substantial market capitalization of $1.2 billion and has attracted prominent football clubs like Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain (PSG) to its ecosystem. Nansen’s analytics reveal an average of 2,100 daily active addresses on the Chiliz blockchain, with entities such as Manchester City, Binance, and PSG emerging as top players in recent weeks.

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On the Ethereum front, zkSync stands out as a leading scaling protocol utilizing zero-knowledge proofs. Processing over a million transactions daily for more than 350,000 addresses, zkSync plays a pivotal role in Ethereum’s scalability solutions. Omar Azhar, Head of Business Development at Matter Labs, underscores the importance of Nansen’s integration in providing actionable insights from zkSync’s on-chain data.

Nansen’s reputation for wallet-labeling and blockchain analytics precedes it. The platform’s CEO, Alex Svanevik, has emphasized its capability to sift through vast amounts of blockchain data, reflecting its commitment to providing comprehensive analytics for the evolving Web3 landscape.

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