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Memes, shitty NFTs, and Elon Musk: an interview with Twitter troll Sir Doge of the Coin

Viktoriia Pushkina


Nov 16, 2022 at 07:34

In 2020, a 23-year-old marketing specialist created a Twitter account about crypto — “just for fun.” Full of good memes, the account gained almost 58k followers and is constantly grabbing the attention of Elon Musk.

A journalist of buidlbee met with the anonymous owner of the account — Sir Doge of the Coin — and talked to him about DogeCoin, Musk, and humor, of course.

Sir Doge of the Coin
Sir Doge of the Coin

“DogeCoin was my obvious choice”

Sir Doge, as he asked to call himself to stay anonymous, got interested in crypto five years ago but “had no real money to invest.” Eventually, in 2020, he saved a bit and decided to buy crypto.

“I was looking for a good return on investment, but I also always was a humorous person — the kind of person who loves joking and not taking things too seriously,” says Sir Doge. “More than that: I was always a big advocate of Elon Musk. So, DogeCoin was my obvious choice. That’s when I started my Twitter account and named it accordingly.”

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He adds that, in choosing a coin to invest in, he exercised diligence, too. And he says: don’t judge a book by its cover.

“Yes, DogeCoin is a meme coin, but it also has good fundamentals. That’s why now when I have a portfolio of other cryptocurrencies, I always back Doge,” he explains.

But why does he like Doge so much?

“I see a good irony in the fact that it was created as a joke originally, to make fun of Bitcoin, and then became so big. Especially because there are so many scam cryptocurrencies,” says Sir.

“I am not a blogger, maybe just a Twitter troll”

Our hero’s faith in the coin paid off — his “investment” in the created account did too. In two years, he made a name and grew in popularity on memes.

“I think a lot of cryptocurrency users have a good sense of humor — that’s why my account is popular,” he comments and adds that he does not consider himself a blogger. “I don’t know who I am. A Twitter troll, maybe? 😀”

To gain followers, Sir didn’t launch ad campaigns, but of course, the attention of Elon Musk helped. Sir Doge shares his favorite meme, which was also appreciated by Musk:

“There are a lot of memes about Bitcoin and Ethereum, but these coins still have a reputation for being institutional and serious. And that’s okay. I think there can be an intersection between fun and serious. I mean, even Elon Musk has the time and energy to scroll the feed and laugh a bit,” says Sir Doge.

He doesn’t earn money on the account except for tips from the followers in the MyDoge app so he continues to post stuff just for fun.

“You have to have a good sense of humor when you’re going through a bear market”

In investing, Sir Doge follows two simple rules:

  1. don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose;
  2. look at the fundamentals.

“I took money for investment from a cup of coffee I didn’t buy today or a glass of beer I didn’t drink at the bar. And I easily look at my fails,” he shares. “The best thing about the sense of humor is that when you have bad days, you can always pull back and have a bit of fun.”

By the way, it was Sir’s sense of humor that helped him when he built his NFT collection.

“It’s a hilarious story,” he says. “I decided to make my collection because there was a bull market, and it seemed like people would even buy a piece of sh*t if it were NFT.”

That’s pretty much how it turned out: Sir Doge created the Shithead NFT collection, with no utility, but people bought it.

“People went crazy for a while, and then the trend started to fade, the price of Ethereum fell, and taxes came in. And taxes had to be paid at the price I was selling, not the current price… In short, I ended up losing money instead of making money,” chuckles Sir.

The Shithead NFT collection
The Shithead NFT collection

In the end, he says it turned out to be a valuable lesson. As for the future of NFT, he sees it no longer in pointless collections but in useful exclusives like tickets.

“There [will] always be a market for art and stuff, but I think there is more potential for NFTs with utility,” he comments.

“Elon Musk ≠ DogeCoin”

Going back to Elon Musk, the fact that Twitter users aren’t very happy with him right now doesn’t really bother Sir.

“I think things with Twitter have to get worse before they get better,” shares Sir Doge. “With regards to crypto and DogeCoin, it is a long-term perspective. He’s not going to integrate Doge tomorrow, but he obviously owns it, so he may do it in the future. I think there’s a lot of potential for integration.”

He adds that Elon Musk is “a figure that a lot of people pay attention to,” but also Elon does not equal Doge, so he doesn’t think its price will fall just because many Twitter users don’t like Musk’s decisions. “Actually, his most recent Doge tweet hasn’t even moved the price,” concludes Sir.

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