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HedgeUp pops up as a strong SHIB rival, attracting whales and offering promising opportunities — is it worth your time?

Andrew Zhoao

News editor

May 19, 2023 at 06:48

Project HedgeUp, a Web3 investment trading platform, continues to pre-sell its native token. There are less than 50% of the total number of coins left for those wishing to get in at the start, most of which have already been bought out by whales. We’ll discuss why big players, who used to actively accumulate SHIB, switched to the new industry representative and whether it’s a good option for investing.

HedgeUp mission and some details about the project

According to the description on the official site, HedgeUp is NFT’s first alternative investment trading platform. It is assumed that with its help, ordinary users will be able to partially invest in various alternatives, such as gold, whiskey, wine, watches, diamonds, art, and many other things, having $1 in their pockets.

In this way, the authors plan to give users the opportunity to expand the possibilities of their investment portfolio. The point is that all issued NFT platforms are secured by a physical asset, which is fully protected and stored in HedgeUp deposit vaults.

The principle is that with HedgeUp, customers can buy and sell alternative NFT products that are secured by fractional assets. And all products on the platform will be insured and stored in a secure vault. Here’s what it looks like graphically:

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How HedgeUp works
How HedgeUp works

At the same time, the authors state the following features of the project, which should become the engine of HedgeUp:

  • NFT trading platform. Easy to navigate NFT trading.
  • Online master class. Allow users to learn while they earn via the platform.
  • Wallet and banking. All users’ investment needs are in one application.
  • Investment basket. Users can invest in multiple asset classes with a click of a button.
  • HedgeUp DAO. There is a plan to integrate a DAO to oversee investment.
  • HedgeVerse. The project looks to partner with industry-leading metaverse companies.

HedgeUp token details

At the heart of the HedgeUp ecosystem will be a native HDUP token. The asset was built on Ethereum, but it recently became known that the project is migrating to Binance (BNB) and Stellar (XLM). The goal is to focus on a long-term strategy and provide customers with a stable and reliable product. This is exactly what Binance offers, which successfully promotes the concept that a sustainable business is more important than short-term gains.

As for Stellar, HedgeUp will be able to integrate its native token more easily with this blockchain, which focuses on the fast and efficient transfer of funds. Thus, it is assumed that HDUP will be transferred quickly, with lower transaction fees and shorter processing times.

HedgeUp reasons for migration
HedgeUp reasons for migration

The creators have minted a total of 620M HedgeUp so far, meaning that this is the total supply [The amount of coins that have already been created minus any coins that have been burned. It is analogous to the outstanding shares in the stock market.] and not maximum supply [The maximum amount of coins that will ever exist in the lifetime of the cryptocurrency. It is analogous to the fully diluted shares in the stock market.], there is a possibility that the number of coins will be increased.

As for the current number of coins, they will be distributed as follows:

  • Token sale — 26%.
  • Exchange listings — 19%.
  • Marketing — 15%.
  • HedgeUp fund —14%.
  • Founders and team — 12%.
  • Staking and rewards — 8%.
  • Partners — 4%.
  • Charity — 2%.

It’s also worth noting that founders and teams coins are locked for the next year and a half, and after that, they will be deposited into the shared wallet in installments once a month for the next 18 months. Advisor and partner tokens will simply be blocked for a year and a half.

The creators have also published information on the HDUP transaction taxes that will apply after the launch of the token.

  • Buy tax — 0%.
  • Sell tax — 5%.
  • Token redistribution — 1%.
  • Marketing — 2%.
  • LP admission fee — 2%.

Why are the whales buying up HDUP?

The answer to this question may lie in the description of the project and what its authors offer. Probably, big market players are satisfied with HedgeUp conditions and see earning opportunities in this asset.

According to, the whales are switching their attention from seemingly successful and reliable projects like Shiba Inu in favor of the newcomer. It can be explained by the fact that if SHIB used to show good results in price growth, now there is a stagnation or even decline in activity.

In many ways, this indicates the extreme dynamics of the market. The one that was loved and successful yesterday can already be superseded today by a new product. However, it is important to understand that the same fate can affect a new project at any moment.

Conclusion: Is HDUP a good investment?

According to the official website, the token is scheduled to be released on the market on June 24, immediately after eight stages of presale. At the moment, the third stage is underway, which managed to raise $1.75M, and in total, including the previous stages, the figure is approaching $3.5M.

In total, about 160M are scheduled to be sold, of which 124M have already been bought. Thus, given the current value of the asset, the project could raise at least another million dollars. However, considering the fact that at every stage the value of the coin increases (the third stage is $0.02, and the fourth will be worth $0.036), this amount could be higher.

HDUP presale details
HDUP presale details

After the launch, the token will first be listed on Uniswap, and if all goes well, it is likely to start listing on other exchanges as well. What matters is the price at which the asset enters the market. If the price is lower than the one the investors bought the coins for, it will cause unrest, and probably it won’t do any good for HedgeUp. However, the creators promise that HDUP will be worth at least $0.09 at launch. Whether that will be the case, we will have to find out in a month.

HDUP minimum launch price
HDUP minimum launch price

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What do you think the chances are for HedgeUp to conquer the cryptocurrency market? Do you plan to invest in this token, and why? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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