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Exclusive: Everything you don’t know about the Zilliqa Web3 console and its first game, Web3War

Winnie Kimeu

Writer, News

Oct 6, 2022 at 02:02

Interview with Matt Dyer (Head of Growth), and Valentin Cobelea (Head of Gaming Technology) at Zilliqa.


  • Buidlbee exclusive: Web3War Season 1 starts on January 1st, 2023.
  • 10 games by Zilliqa are in the pipeline to release in 4–5 years.
  • The Web3 gaming console aims to offer the best of both worlds: mining cryptocurrencies and fun while playing the best blockchain games.
  •  Zilliqa to launch the public beta version of Web3War on Friday at 12.00 pm GMT — worldwide access.
  • The first company in the world to have blockchain, software as tools, games, plus a console.


Zilliqa, a Layer 1 blockchain protocol, recently announced the launch of its new Web3-specific video game console. The console is set to compete with the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

Unlike these world-renowned consoles, Zilliqa’s Web3 console is designed for crypto and non-crypto gamers. It will feature its own game hub, a wallet, and crypto-mining utilities.

The gaming hub is likened to Steam where you can create an account, download, and install any Web3 games of your choosing.  Steam may have the Steam Deck, but Zilliqa has the console.

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“We are the very first company in the world to have a blockchain, software as tools, games, plus a console.” Valentin.

Official public beta launch of Web3War

TOMORROW, 7th October 2022, and all through the weekend, the public will get their first opportunity to try out WEB3WAR — the debut Web3 game by Zilliqa.  

It’s a free-to-play, skill-to-earn game.

Quality GSU
Web3War Gameplay

According to Valentin, the first-person shooter video game mimics Counter-Strike in respect to the gameplay, performance, mechanics and so much more.

Furthermore, they don’t want to compare Web3War to any crypto games.

Their goal is to not only get crypto game supporters to join the Zilliqa ecosystem to play Web3War and other future games. Moreover, Zilliqa wants to attract regular Web2 players that play Counterstrike, Call of Duty, Valorant and others on gaming hubs like Steam.

“In the Zilliqa ecosystem, players will be able to sell the skins, move the money (ZIL) earned through gameplay to their credit card, and go buy a nice dinner or groceries, pay bills and so on.” Valentin.

The average trading price of ZIL tokens is expected to be at $0.13 in 2025, which many cryptocurrency enthusiasts agree is a good investment.

EXCLUSIVE TEASER REVEAL: Web3War Season 1 starts on January 1st, 2023.

Expect skins, battle passes, new maps and more, specific to each season. A new season will be revealed every four months.

More games from Zilliqa

The duo revealed that there are 9 more games in the pipeline to be expected in the next 4 to 5 years. There’s Web3War, and a survival game with 4K and 8K resolution textures, which is a mature version of the game ALPHA. They’re also considering kids’ games. All these games are exclusively in production within Zilliqa.

A survival game currently in development.

Additionally, Zilliqa has partnered with XBorg to bring some exciting games onto their game hub.

“We like to think that as more people become aware of what we’re building, there’s going to be more guilds or communities that want to maximize the potential for earning, from being good at playing different games. XBorg is the start of many fruitful relationships.” Matt.

All Zilliqa games are and will be built to be multiplayer, cross-platform, cross-play games as they want to build a community on their game hub. The games will also be responsive on all devices – Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Linux.

Not reinventing the wheel, just advancing it

Each of the games, like Web3War, will have seasonal content — all developed sustainably.

Truth be told, what Zilliqa is doing is nothing new. Nonetheless, they are pushing the envelope by trying to entice Web2 gamers into blockchain gaming in a way that doesn’t feel like it’s an alien concept.

“Education needs to form a massive component towards our games and the game hub. That’s why the public beta launch is open to everyone, not just crypto gamers. We want to create a game that people want to play first and enjoy playing it, with the secondary option to earn.” Matt.

The team’s ‘north star’ is creating quality and fun.

Valentine revealed that you need to grind and become a hardcore player to improve and earn. Doesn’t matter if your team is winning or losing, if you’re a good player, you earn more and convert those rewards into real-world money — converting pixels into real money. A first for first shooter games.

Silent giants

Zilliqa is sustainable and ambitious. They are here to distract and disrupt the gaming world.

Web3War is the product of some serious hard work by Valentin Cobelea and top-of-the-food-chain developers from around the world, with 50+ years of game and blockchain development experience.

The team worked tirelessly for six months to develop the console prototype.

Web3War Roadmap
Web3War Developer Stats

They’re looking to set the standards of future gaming — the ability to include Zilliqa into digital transformation. Merging Zilliqa games to your Tesla car, or in-built to your smart TV and more is how they see the future of gaming.

“Instead of watching Netflix, scrolling on 9gag or TikTok, we want you to pull out a Zilliqa game and play to have fun while still earning some money”. Valentin.

I was privileged to get a sneak peek of a medieval game expected to launch in 2024, and it blew my mind. No gaming PC in the market right now can run it because the specs and graphics are very demanding. It looked amazing.

The Web3 console

The console has multiple ports to support any controller. You can play on the Zilliqa console using any other game controller. PS, Xbox or even your mouse and keyboard.

It has a top-notch CPU, GPU, and memory storage, plus the nice-looking Z at the top.

Zilliqa Web3 Console
Zilliqa Web3 Console

The official Zilliqa Console name will be revealed in the next 6 weeks.

Pre-orders for the console could be available for the Christmas season, so start saving up.

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