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Everyworld’s Web3 Advertising Platform Hits 225K Users in Just a Month of Beta Launch

Mar 29, 2024 at 11:20

Everyworld, a pioneering Web3 advertising service, has achieved a significant milestone, boasting a user base of 225,000 as of March 28, within a mere month since its beta introduction.

In a recent announcement, Everyworld highlighted the unique blend of features on its platform, likening it to a fusion of a media outlet, a game show, an online marketplace, and the engaging dynamics of TikTok, all while emphasizing its distinctive nature.

Functioning as an advertising conduit, Everyworld showcases ads from over 20 games spanning both blockchain and traditional gaming realms, including notable titles like Shrapnel, Big Time, Star Atlas, and many others.

To incentivize user engagement, Everyworld employs a rewards system where participants accumulate points redeemable for prize drawings.

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CEO Janine Yorio expressed the platform’s ambition to first captivate Web3 natives before targeting a broader audience, citing the transformative potential of cryptocurrency in fostering community collaboration and showcasing blockchain’s versatility in mainstream applications.

The company underscores the mutual benefits its advertising protocol offers to gamers and developers alike, emphasizing its commitment to conservation initiatives by supporting various environmental organizations.

TJ Kawamura, Everyworld’s Chief Crypto Officer, stressed the importance of rewarding user engagement, highlighting the fiercely competitive landscape of today’s attention economy and the pivotal role of user participation in product success.

Presently, Everyworld’s platform is accessible in select markets, with exceptions including the U.S. and several other countries.

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