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Daily crypto opportunities: SOL’s secret clone, BNB’s new bull target, and Gensyn testnet

Andrew Zhoao

News editor

Jun 14, 2023 at 03:38

Unlock the limitless potential of the crypto world. Dive intro our latest article, where we reveal the incredible opportunities awaiting. Don’t miss out on the chance to discover groundbreaking projects, changing trends, and lucrative possibilities. Get ready to take your crypto journey to new heights — read on.

Opportunity #1: The secret $SOL clone and the fall of $BNB

A Solana community representative is gathering votes for a fork of the original altcoin (an unofficial initiative). According to his plan, by changing the ticket, they will be able to hide from the SEC’s radar, and the new asset will be able to grow rapidly without regulatory pressure. The plan is equally bold as it is ridiculous (your choice).

If you don’t like the idea of a $SOL clone, the alternative is to short BNB — if the inside story from John Reed Stark is correct, a major blow to Binance is coming. Criminal prosecution for money laundering is a very serious charge that will allow the prosecution of Binance around the world. So far, only important technical news has stopped BNB’s continued fall — BNBChain has successfully launched Fast Finality, a major update for this blockchain.

Opportunity #2: BNB’s new bull target

$301.5 and eventually dropped to $232.6. However, now, according to trader LegionQ8, there is hope for a breakthrough of the resistance line and further growth.

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Thus, according to the specialist’s TA, under such a scenario, the value of the token may jump to $256.5.

Opportunity #3: Gensyn testnet application

The Gensyn team, a computing protocol for ML, has announced a testnet launch. The project has just recently raised $50.5M and is actively developing. Also, according to unconfirmed information, testnet participants can obtain the project’s native token. Then it’s quite possibly an airdrop. Below are the steps on how to get access to the future testnet.

  • Link to the site.
  • Choosing one of two options: “Supply Compute” or “Acces Compute”.
  • Filling out a form to get early access.

Good luck.

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