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Daily crypto opportunities: meme coin dumping, ETH at $2200-$2300, and MYRIA token airdrop

Andrew Zhoao

News editor

Apr 5, 2023 at 07:11

Stay up to date with daily crypto opportunities to potentially benefit from buying or investing in cryptocurrency. Keep an eye out for price drops, airdrops, and other opportunities to get involved in the crypto world. You will find three interesting options below.

Opportunity 1: The dangers of meme coin dumping

Amid the latest performance from Elon Musk with the change of Twitter logo, many ordinary users rushed to long Dogecoin on this wave of excitement, meanwhile whales are doing just the opposite:

  • One of the biggest Dogecoin holders has withdrawn ~1.5 billion DOGE ($145 million) from his wallet to exchanges in the last few days. The value of DOGE has dropped 2% in the last 24 hours.
  • The $SHIB coin also touched on the story of Musk’s action; this coin experienced an explosive rally. But the day before yesterday, the local whale moved almost 250 billion #SHIB to exchanges. And so today we see the end of the rise and the beginning of this coin’s 1% decline.

As you can see in both cases, the big players are trying to capitalize on the madness of the crowd, so it is important to remain cautious during such rallies.


Opportunity 2: Ethereum prepares to test $2200-$2300

At the moment, Ethereum is trading at $1910, and its growth for the day was 4.23%. According to RLinda’s technical analysis, a breakout of the 1850 level could activate a large volume that would push the price up, thus forming a bullish momentum. Then there could be a growth up to the level of $2300-$2400.

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  • Support: $1784, $1725, and $1672.
  • Resistance: $1850 and $2020.

After the next retest to the level of $1850, the price will be able to break it soon.

The short-term target is the resistance of $2020; the medium-term target is the liquidity zone of $2200 and $2300.

Ethereum chart
Ethereum chart

Opportunity 3: MYRIA token airdrop

Myria is a Layer 2 blockchain scaling solution for Ethereum utilizing ZK rollup technology, offering its users instantaneous transactions, high throughput, zero gas fees, and free NFT minting. The project is preparing to launch the MYRIA token on April 6 at the OKX exchange. This event will include an airdrop of 45 million MYRIA tokens for 5,000 winners (new OKX users only). The distribution of prizes among the winners will begin on the official launch date of the tokens after all entries are validated.

How to participate:

  • Register on OKX – here’s how;
  • Find your OKX UID on the website;
  • Copy the UID circled above and paste it on the airdrop form;
Where to get UID
Where to get UID
  • Complete identity verification (KYC) on OKX (guides for levels #1 and #2).

How to obtain your MYRIA wallet address: 

  • Select “asset” on the OKX website or mobile app;
  • Search “MYRIA” on the search bar;
  • Select “ERC-20” as the deposit network;
  • An address will then automatically be generated. Copy this address, and paste it into the airdrop form.

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