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Daily crypto opportunities: MASK tokens airdrop and good price to buy DOGE and ARB

Andrew Zhoao

News editor

Mar 29, 2023 at 11:55

Are you an experienced market player who already knows how and where to look for new opportunities to make money on crypto using airdrops? Do you know how to analyze the market, or are you a newbie who is just learning all this? It really doesn’t matter because both will benefit from what we’ve found. Here’s a batch of new pointers to profit from!

Opportunities 1: five ways to qualify for the MASK tokens airdrop

1. Swap tokens on MetaMask:

  • Go to the main menu.
  • Click on the blue Swap icon.
  • Trade with ETH for any token (don’t forget to leave some ETH for gas).
Trading process
Trading process

2. Use the MetaMask bridge:

  • Go to the Bridge.
  • Connect your wallet.
  • Select Ethereum as the first network.
  • Choose the second network – Bridge

3. Create a Gnosis Safe Wallet: 

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  • ConsenSys and Gnosis Safe have announced a partnership, so rewards may be available to users here. 
  • Go to Safe.
  • Connect your wallet. 
  • Create a Multisig Safe wallet.

4. Donate via Gitcoin:

5. Sign Up for Infura:

Go to Infura.

  • Fill out the form.
  • Visit their Discord.

Opportunities 2: is it a good price to buy Dogecoin (DOGE) now?

The DOGE/USDT price is in a wide buy zone of $0.057-0.073. If you trust in the Dogecoin project, or at least believe that Elon Musk can raise the price of DOGE/USD again, this is the right buy zone.

According to P_S_trade, it is wise to place buy orders by “a grid” in this zone to end up with a nice average price of DOGE in a medium or long-term investment portfolio.

If and when the long-awaited alt-season begins on the crypto market, the medium-term target of $0.16 and the long-term target of $0.33 for the DOGE price look more than realistic.

Dogecoin technical analysis
Dogecoin technical analysis

Opportunity 3: buy $ARB

The $ARB token caused quite a furor last week, becoming the most popular asset (as measured by the number of mentions on social media) in March. $ARB broke the record of $APE! Despite the popularity, having started trading above $10 at the start this token has been gradually declining, dropping to the $1 area.

Today we use a non-standard indicator to buy DIP — for copy trading we use Justin Sun as a “live” indicator, who is known for his serial successful investments. Justin started buying this token recently, and in the last 3 days he bought more than $100 million worth of $ARB tokens. His logic is clear, according to Dune, 89% of the issued tokens have already been received and sent to the exchange (in other words, sold), so the pressure on the price is almost exhausted. Now only whales remain on the market, which are gradually buying up the asset. This is clearly visible on the chart in the way of price stabilization in recent days:

Arbitrum (IOU) to USD chart
Arbitrum (IOU) to USD chart

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