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Daily crypto opportunities: Legally safe coins, QUANT possible bullran, and zkBridge points for free

Andrew Zhoao

News editor

Jun 9, 2023 at 12:34

Hi, crypto folks. Discover new frontiers, unlock hidden gems, and connect with like-minded individuals who are shaping the future of finance. Don’t miss out on this thrilling journey into the realm of cryptocurrencies and the exciting opportunities that await you!

Opportunity #1: Legally Safe Coins

According to the lawsuit against Coinbase, the SEC considers many well-known altcoins to be securities. Investing in these coins is quite dangerous; they are already officially illegal in the US. While many are ignoring the threat so far, there is very likely new FUD that will bring down these assets. But what are the alternatives?

Several experts have pointed out that PoW coins, such as Bitcoin, are not on the SEC’s lists. The head of the SEC has also repeatedly confirmed that Bitcoin is not a security.

Clearly, PoW coins are a safe haven in the coming high-profile lawsuits in the U.S., which will still hit the rates of many altcoins. But how do you choose the most interesting PoW options?

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Different selection methodologies for investments are possible; here is a list of all the PoW coins. For example, we give the rating of the yield of mining these assets; it is a reliable indirect metric about the real investment and, accordingly, the demand for these coins in the market.

Top-100 PoW cryptocurrencies

Now Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are leading here; by the way, all named coins will experience halving this year or next year, which additionally makes you look closely at them.

Token’s halving

Opportunity #2: Signs of the new QUANT (QNT) bullrun

Quant, an Ethereum token that is used to power Quant Network’s Overledger brand of enterprise software solutions, broke the resistance level and now seems ready for another bull run. According to RLinda’s technical analysis, the breakout was false, but that didn’t stop the token from rising 20%.

The important thing is that the asset is on the positive side of Bitcoin’s decline. Therefore, there is a possibility that if bulls start to dominate the market again, QNT might grow up to 160%.

Opportunity #3: Minting NFT = zkBridge points

The zkBridge project, which previously raised $25M in investments from BinanceLabs, Polychain, Animoca Brands, and other funds, has launched quests as part of its loyalty program. As part of one of them, members can get zkBridge points. Here’s what you need to do to get it.

 ⚡What to do?

  • Mint is here;

  • Click zkBridge NFT;

  • In the second step, choose any network (e.g., Arbitrum Nova);

  • Confirm transactions and transfer NFT to another network;

  • The retweet task is here;

  • Wait for them to update the lists and brandish the points.

You can claim your zkLightClient NFT before the 1 July, 2023.

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