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Daily crypto opportunities: Copytrade for Binance, SOL’s miraculous rise, and FTX’s comeback

Andrew Zhoao

News editor

Jun 30, 2023 at 04:36

Greetings, enthusiasts of cryptocurrency investment, bounty hunting, and adventurous risk-taking! We are thrilled to introduce a brand new assortment of highly valuable assets for your consideration. Without further delay, let’s dive right in and begin our exploration.

Opportunity #1: Copytrade for Binance

Despite problems with the exchange, Binance continues to actively fund projects selected by its expert group. This time, the choice fell on Maverick Protocol. Now Binance not only partially finances the project, but also lists the project’s token, #MAV, on the exchange.

If you are interested in the expertise of the exchange, you can take a closer look. However, it is worth noting right away that such projects can only be considered from a long-term perspective.

Opportunity #2: Solana’s miraculous rise

The asset has clearly not had much luck lately. The connection with FTX, SEC recognition as a security, bugs in the ecosystem, and other difficulties affected the growth of the token. However, the creators are still holding on and fighting for the project’s existence, and probably not for nothing.

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As it became known, the FTX exchange may be relaunched in the next six months, and the Solana blockchain may be rewritten to meet the requirements of the regulator. The question that arises is whether or not this will affect Solana’s takeoff.

According to P_S_trade’s technical analysis, such an outcome is feasible, especially if “there is a positive news backdrop.” According to the expert, if “a miracle happens,” the mid-term target is $50 per coin. Well, let’s wait.

*Any technical analysis in the long run cannot accurately predict the movement because now is a very tough market and the news can swing currencies in all directions

Opportunity #3: FTX’s comeback

The notorious exchange may soon be rebooted. Relevant information began to arrive immediately with the news that the platform’s management returned $7B in liquid funds. This is an amount that could cover most of the exchange’s customer liabilities.

Amid such news, the value of FTT, a native token, is showing growth. The coin is up 15% in the last 24 hours. Let’s find out what to do if you had 💰 lying around on FTX.

  • The official website for FTX liquidation;
  • Search Docket Cases 1730—1750 with information about all users;
  • Download a PDF of all customers (CTRL + F);
  • Search your number, which came in the mail from [email protected].

Funds will be harder to recover if your account falls into one of the following categories:

  • Contingent — accounts with blocked tokens and suspicious activity;
  • Unliquidated — an unliquidated debt;
  • Disputed — disputed debt.

Hope you didn’t fall into one of them. Good luck.

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