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Crypto users, beware! MetaMask uncovers address poisoning scam

Winnie Kimeu

Writer, News

Jan 12, 2023 at 04:22

The MetaMask team uncovers a sly new scam where fraudsters “spike” transaction histories by sending worthless tokens to your crypto wallet. These con artists mimic wallet addresses using vanity generators, matching the first and last characters of wallet addresses. 

The bad actors would send tokens worth $0, tricking users into sending funds to the wrong copycat address.

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 Those who are in the habit of copying their wallet address from their transaction history before sending digital assets could accidentally send their funds to a fraudulent address.

MetaMask reminds users to take extra precautions when sending digital assets. 

  • Always double-check your transactions
  • Take a closer look at the wallet address to make sure every single character is correct before sending funds
  • Stop copying and pasting wallet addresses from transaction history

It’s worth the extra effort.

Moreover, MetaMask suggests that users should use their address books for sending digital assets. A simple yet safe step to ensuring users’ money goes to the right place.

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