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New report predicts Bitcoin price until 2030. Here are the most important points

Igor Grigorchenko

News editor

Feb 9, 2023 at 06:36

Ark Invest has published its long-term analyst forecast (until 2030) for the Bitcoin price. The forecast is extremely optimistic and looks at three market scenarios. In this article, we take a look at the important conclusions from the Bitcoin section of the report, fully focused on the future of this asset.

Key conclusions

Three scenarios were calculated in total. Even in the most pessimistic scenario, Bitcoin is expected to grow significantly by 2030:

  • Bearish — foresees a rise in the price of BTC to $258,500.
  • Basic — an increase in the cryptocurrency’s value to $682,800 per coin.
  • Bullish — the price of the asset is about $1.48 million per coin.

When modeling, analysts took into account eight factors, such as the volume of funds invested in the cryptocurrency by institutional investors (banks and hedge funds), the dynamics of the growth of transaction amounts in digital assets, and so on.

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Seven other bold statements

Statement 1: Holding Bitcoin for 4+ years is a realistic “risk-free bet” for the 21st century. The main barriers to such investing for most are psychological in nature: a low level of awareness, crypto bias, and poor stress tolerance.

If you want to put this conclusion of the experts into practice, you can pay attention to three practical tips for investing in Bitcoin from the famous Wolf of Wall Street, who explains how to properly take advantage of this assertion.

Statement 2: The HODL Index, meaning the number of long-term investors in Bitcoin, has peaked despite the crypto winter and the huge number of FUDs on the market in 2022.

Statement 3: BTC has survived five drops of more than 75% in its price and still outperforms stocks, bonds, and gold in terms of returns (ROI). In long-term investing mode, Bitcoin is the most profitable instrument among commonly known assets.

Statement 4: The crypto market is now at the bottom (or almost at the bottom) of a long declining cycle. Combining all three historical cycles of Bitcoin’s decline on the chart, we are now right here:

Statement 5. According to historical statistics, halving creates alternating waves of cycles of decline and rise in the price of Bitcoin lasting about 500 days. The next halving year for Bitcoin is 2024. We are at the very beginning of the next growth cycle. The next closest Bitcoin price peak, given the standard 500-day cycle, is expected to be around the fall of 2023.

Statement 6: Hashrate, a technical indicator of the health and power of the Bitcoin network, is constantly setting new records despite the energy crisis, crypto winter or other unfavorable factors. The network is growing steadily, which confirms Bitcoin’s relevance.

Statement 7. By 2030, Bitcoin will create a multi-trillion dollar industry associated with it. It is a special independent asset that could be a critical part of the future digital economy, so long-term investment in it can be extremely profitable.

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