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Digital gold rush

Tanja Nechet

News editor

Jun 12, 2024 at 08:57

Greetings crypto adventurers! ✈️ 🌍

🦹‍♂️ Hackers stole the accounts of two OKX users 

The criminals did that by creating API keys with withdrawal privileges. The victims used SMS or email verification instead of Google Authenticator, which allowed the codes to be intercepted. 

The exchange is investigating the incident and is ready to compensate the funds if the problem turns out to be on its side.

🐻Berachain announced the launch of V2 bArtio Testnet

bArtio uses BeaconKit, a framework developed by Berachain, to create modular L1/L2 blockchains. bArtio is the first L1 blockchain outside of Ethereum to support EIP-4844, EIP-4788, full SSZ encoding, CometBFT for single-slot finality. Mainnet is getting closer,

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the developers have done a great job rewriting the code completely, accepting all V1 bugs into work. So, if you haven’t taken activity/understood the Berachain ecosystem so far, now is the best time to do it.

👋 Welcome to ZK Nation

An announcement of ZK Nation, a community-oriented initiative aimed at growing the ZKsync ecosystem, has appeared.

ZKsync will implement a governance system that empowers ZK Nation to drive the continuous development of the ZKsync protocol. Protocol token holders will be able to introduce proposals and vote on protocol upgrades and network parameter changes. The ZKsync governance system is made up of three onchain bodies: the Token Assembly, Security Council, and Guardians, which will sit within different legal structures ensuring maximum protection for the Token Assembly. Together they will interact with ZKsync’s smart contracts and coordination channels such as ZKsync’s initial delegation and voting portal on Tally.

🗑️ 10 days of arrest and phone destruction for selling Notcoin

A court in Uzbekistan handed down just such a sentence to a student. In addition to the Galaxy A30 phone, he is required to destroy a bank plastic card.

Cryptocurrency has been banned in Uzbekistan since the beginning of the year, any transactions are subject to huge fines and up to 5 years behind bars. He got off easy.

🫰Polyhedra Network’s staking program is live

From June 10, 2024, to July 11, 2024, Polyhedra will hols a staking event where participants can earn rewards by betting on Polyhedra Network tokens. The official website is here.


  • Week 1: 50k $ETHFI
  • Week 2: 50k $ETHFI
  • Week 3: 400k $ID
  • Week 4: 50k $CYBER

For more details, visit this page.

🔑 Key crypto market highlights (June 12-19)

  • XRP will host a global community summit XRP Ledger Apex in Amsterdam (11-13.06).
  • Flow is preparing for a significant network upgrade (12-20.06).
  • Aptos (APT) – 11.31M coins, or 2.58% of the circulating supply, to be unlocked (12.06).
  • Wemix Token has announced that the Every Farm service will be terminated (12.06).
  • CYBER (CYBER) token unlocks – 886.12K coins, or 3.96% of the circulating supply (14.06).
  • Immutable (IMX) – 25.53M coins, or 1.72% of the circulating supply (14.06).
  • HeroesChained will release marketplace 2.0 (15.06).
  • Starknet (STRK) to unlock 64M tokens, or 4.92% of the circulating supply (15.06).
  • CatGPT NFT collection launch (16.06).
  • Arbitrum (ARB) to unlock 92.65M tokens, or 3.20% of the circulating supply (16.06).
  • Vector Reserve will launch a new product (17.06).
  • ApeCoin (APE) – 15.6M coins, or 2.48% of the circulating supply (17.06).
  • BitcoinSoV will release its SovCube dApp on the mainnet (17.06).
  • Manta Network (MANTA) token unlocks – 6.67MK coins, or 2.05% of the circulating supply (18.06).
  • CarrieVerse has announced the launch of its card strategy RPG SuperKola Tactics (18.06).
  • Shade Protocol to release the Alexandria upgrade (18.06).
  • Pixels (PIXEL) to unlock 54.38M tokens, or 7.05% of the circulating supply (19.06).
  • Collision in Toronto 2024 (17-20.06).
  • EBAday 2024 in Lisbon (18-19.06).

💵 Ideas

[1] 🔔 Going through the Nubit’s testnet 

Nubit is a scalable, cost-effective data availability layer secured with Bitcoin. Nubit empowers ordinals, Layer 2s, oracles, and applications in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The project has raised $11M from Polychain Capital, The Spartan Group, OKX Ventures, and others. Not long ago, the project announced the Alpha version of the testnet and the launch of the reward campaign. The testnet will have several phases, each with different benefits. 

To participate: 

[2] 🔔 Notcoin and clickable coins

After the coin was listed, many people sold it quickly, causing supply to exceed demand. This is because many received the $NOT for free and didn’t want to lose money. After a 40% drop, the Notcoin started fluctuating within short-term ranges. Then the $NOT surged 300% after breaking a key level (0.005483), but it recently failed to break another resistance (0.024430). According to RealMRA’s technical analysis, this failure is called a “Fake Break Out.” It happens when the price can’t stay above a resistance level, and it usually signals a trend change. When this happens, sellers enter the market, pushing the price down. To trade this, look for a break on a lower time frame and open a short position.

The analyst has identified several support and resistance levels using Fibonacci retracement. The key levels are 0.005483 and 0.024436. He also advised avoiding trading this coin in futures for now. Although it has a good market cap and volume, the data is too limited. Consider shorting if it breaks 0.017238, and going long if it breaks 0.024436.

Be patient when buying. Buy after breaking 0.024436 if the volume increases. If the price drops, buy at support levels based on Fibonacci retracement.

After Notcoin’s rise, more people started using clickable bots, leading to their growth. 

*Any technical analysis, in the long run, cannot accurately predict the movement because now is a very tough market and the news can swing currencies in all directions.

[3] 🔔 YOLO for all

YOLO is a GambleFi project on Blas and one of the most popular there. Soon, YOLO will have TGE and to give away some of the drops, the team decided to go to Stakeland.

YOLO is so far the first project that has limited entry to Stakeland. There will be 3 criteria in total, but the only one is known so far: stake 1000 $MEME.

All information provided on this website is for educational and informational purposes only. Please consult with our Disclaimer.

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