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Will Bitcoin and Ethereum crash in February? Exclusive opinions by crypto experts

Tanja Nechet

News editor

Feb 3, 2023 at 03:07

In early 2023, the crypto market revived, with Bitcoin and Ethereum prices rising significantly after a difficult year last year, dragging altcoins up with them. However, there is still no consensus on whether crypto winter is over or if there is a long-term decline ahead.

So we collected important experts’ opinions on whether the BTC price of $15k bottomed out, or we’ll see an even lower cost?

And what price dynamic to expect after the March Ethereum hard fork called “The Shanghai“?

WebMasterMind (Crypto Anshu) – YouTube and Twitter blogger (18.4K Twitter followers, 74K YouTube followers)

The price of Bitcoin should drop after $24k to $25k. I expect the price to drop between $12k and $15k, but on the safe side, I will start buying between $15k and $17k, and after this, Bitcoin will go higher.

Ethereum’s holders believe in blockchain and technology, so I don’t think we will see a big dump after Shanghai. On the other hand, we will see an upward movement in the crypto market.

Metastract – French artist, NFTs creator, and collector (29K Twitter followers)

I think we are not yet safe from a fall of Bitcoin below $15k, in which case the level to watch is between $12k and $13k, which was one of the biggest resistances known.

For the Shanghai update, which will unlock the stacked Ethereum, we might see a small drop, but we must not forget that Ethereum at the time of The Merge was at about the same level as today, so there is not much interest in reselling when we look at the current levels. Everything will depend on the price of Ethereum at the time of the update.

The Coll3ctor – genuine Web3 projects and artists’ supporter (5,7K Twitter followers)

That is hard to say. If there are no major scams like the one by SBF or another WAR, that would be highly unlikely as Bitcoin is leading the crypto market, and is in a very mature pricing state given the support we have seen at around $20k. From here, it is expected to pump hard and quickly, which, of course, will significantly depend on its adaptation.  

I cannot say anything about “diamond hands”This means the type of investors who do not panic and do not sell off their assets during strong price fluctuations., but there is a very good chance of that happening to them (to start actively selling Ethereum). But due to the limitation on disbursements by the ETH protocol at 43,200 stashed ETH per day, the chances of heavy fluctuation in price will be controlled as well. I do see ETH doing very well as the crypto market matures, though it still requires some significant upgrades as the technology matures with time.

Eloisa Marchesoni – a tokenomics expert with 6+ years of experience and Web3 advisor (8,4K Twitter followers)

No new lows for BTC unless a war or Binance insolvency scenario occurs.

Whales have staked ETH (bought it at a higher price), so selling it all would be like shorting against themselves!

Jelle – an experienced crypto & stock Investor (30,4K Twitter followers)

I think $15k was the bottom for BTC, yes. We only got there because of the FTX bankruptcy, and then quickly climbed back in the last couple of weeks. I could see prices going lower from here, but it seems unlikely to me that we see prices below $15k.

I’m bullish on Ethereum, not so much because of the upgrades, but because of how integral ETH still is to the majority of DeFi infrastructure. I foresee 5-figure prices, a few years down the line at most, which would likely result in some long-time holders taking profits. It’s never a bad strategy to lock in some gains!

And here you can find our analysis of further possible scenarios for Bitcoin and Ethereum price movements.

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